1 Young Child Killed, 2 Others Critically Injured in Freeway Crash Near Fallbrook

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A kid was killed and 2 different young children were earnestly wounded aboriginal Wednesday erstwhile the car they were successful drove disconnected the freeway adjacent Fallbrook for reasons inactive nether investigation.

The North County Fire Protection District said the clang was reported conscionable earlier 2:30 a.m. connected northbound Interstate 15, conscionable northbound of Gopher Canyon Road, erstwhile a car crashed astir 150 feet down a steep embankment.

A pistillate successful her 30s was driving the conveyance with a canine and 3 children each astir nether the property of 6 successful the car. The eldest of the children and the canine died astatine the scene, according to authorities.


The different young children successful the clang were critically injured and the operator suffered life-threatening injuries. They were each hospitalized for their injuries.

Authorities did not merchandise the identities of those progressive successful the deadly crash. The narration betwixt the occupants was not made clear.

Details connected what led up to the clang oregon connected what could person caused it were not instantly clear. The probe is ongoing.

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