13-Year-Old Boy, Believed to Be the Intended Target, Dies in Bronx Shooting

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U.S.|13-Year-Old Boy, Believed to Be the Intended Target, Dies successful Bronx Shooting


The lad was changeable by a gunman who emerged from a passing conveyance successful what the constabulary called a gang-related attack.

The shooting took spot  soon  aft  3 p.m. extracurricular  a cafe connected  East 187th Street adjacent   the Bronx Zoo successful  the Belmont conception  of the Bronx, the constabulary  said.

Azi Paybarah

July 11, 2021Updated 9:48 p.m. ET

A 13-year-old lad was changeable and killed extracurricular a cafe successful the Bronx connected Sunday day successful what constabulary officials said they believed was a gang-related onslaught that targeted the boy.

Shortly aft 3 p.m., a acheronian sedan drove down East 187th Street, successful the Belmont conception of the Bronx, wherever the lad was lasting extracurricular Angels Cafe, according to the police. A gunman got retired of the conveyance and started shooting, hitting the lad erstwhile successful the thorax and erstwhile successful the leg, a constabulary spokesperson said.

One witnesser astatine the scene, astir a artifact westbound of the Bronx Zoo, said helium had heard “about 8 rounds” being fired, WABC-TV reported. The lad stumbled wrong the cafe aft helium was shot, The New York Daily News reported. “He came in, fell and died successful the restaurant,” a idiosyncratic astatine the edifice named Jennifer told the newspaper. “We didn’t spot what happened, though,” she said.

The boy, who was identified arsenic Jaryan Elliot, was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital, wherever helium was pronounced dead, according to the police.

Chief Rodney Harrison, the main of section of the New York Police Department, said connected Twitter that the 13-year-old was “the intended target” of a gang-related shooting. “Gang unit is plaguing #NYC and has to stop,” helium added.

Richie Madera, 20, said helium and the unfortunate had grown up unneurotic astir the country from the cafe and had spoken conscionable earlier the shooting. “I told him, ‘Be safe,’” Mr. Madera recalled. “He was a bully kid.”

A cardboard memorial with candles and handwritten messages was placed extracurricular the victim’s building. “All Angels Go to Heaven,” work 1 message.

Hours aft the shooting, Angels Cafe was mostly cleared. A fewer radical stood by arsenic the constabulary examined yellowish tags connected the sidewalk and wrong the cafe.

Across the street, a bodega had a motion successful its model that pleaded “Stop the Violence — No More Shooting,” with accusation astir a vigil for a 19-year-old who was changeable and killed a fewer blocks distant this month.

Local officials were shocked by the latest shooting and the young property of the victim. “We person to get superior and smarter connected crime!” City Councilman Oswald J. Feliz, who represents the country wherever the shooting took place, wrote connected Twitter. “We cannot and volition not proceed to suffer our children!” In a little telephone interview, Mr. Feliz said: “People are precise very acrophobic astir transgression successful their neighborhoods. Crime is rising.”

As of June 13, the latest day covered by the Police Department’s online transgression figures, determination had been 765 shootings successful the city, with 886 shooting victims. By this clip past year, determination had been 555 shootings with 670 shooting victims, according to the department’s figures.

The latest shooting comes a time earlier President Biden is scheduled to conscionable with Eric Adams, the erstwhile constabulary skipper and declared victor of the Democratic mayoral primary, and others to sermon curbing weapon violence, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Teá Kvetenadze contributed reporting.

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