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Press release Distribution Service San Diego

Press Release distribution to media outlets in San Diego

You are in need of sending news to media outlets in San Diego, CA, we are here to help. Your news release will be published on SanDiego.CityRegions.Com and on EmailWire, our newswire and press release distribution system which will disseminate your news to local media outlets shown below. The same news will be published on blogs, social media, news sites of radio, television, magazines and industry publications in the area.

  • Free-Press-Release
  • Newswire Today
  • OnlinePRMedia
  • PRFire
  • PRLog

  • When you utilize press releases, you’re giving yourself, your business, and your brand the benefit of having a multi-faceted, multi-channel, robust marketing campaign approach. Press releases also allow you to maximize your impact and visibility.

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