Accessory Dwelling Units Stir Controversy and Creativity in San Diego

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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) are seen by immoderate arsenic a solution to San Diego’s lodging crisis. There’s a bully accidental a neighbour has built an ADU successful your community.

But arsenic cities successful the region easiness restrictions to assistance conception ADU’s, galore section vicinity groups accidental they’re being built, astatine times, larger than the existing spot without indispensable existing infrastructure.

Wow! ADU’s person go a blistery fastener taxable arsenic cities easiness restrictions. Lisa Klink, 66, of Encinitas built an unobtrusive ADU successful her store and backmost room. She’s renting the 400 sq ft abstraction with amenities for $2,000 a month. Offers person poured in. Her communicative connected #nbc7 News astatine 4 & 6.

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Several vicinity groups person called connected the City of San Diego to spot a moratorium connected an ordinance established during the pandemic to easiness restrictions due to the fact that residents weren’t allowed to connection input to the plan.

Meanwhile, successful Encinitas, the metropolis has created a webpage that explains the process of gathering an ADU, including level designs for guidance.


Since 2020, 179 gathering permits person been issued for ADU’s successful Encinitas. One of them belongs to longtime nonmigratory Lisa Klink.

“I did it retired of necessity. Because of the pandemic, I stopped moving and my ex mislaid his job. That means I mislaid my alimony,” said Klink, with a laugh.

In six months, Klink, 66, was capable to plan and physique a 400 quadrate ft ADU successful an other chamber that extends into fractional of her garage.

It would apt conscionable the scrutiny of vicinity groups since determination person not been immoderate disposable changes to the exterior of her property.

She says it outgo $60,000 and present is asking $2,000 dollars a period rent. She enactment it connected the marketplace done societal media and the effect has been overwhelming.

“I conscionable enactment it connected Next Door, and aft 3 days, I unopen it off. I had 65 radical asking astir it,” Klink said.

But portion immoderate whitethorn see $2,000 monthly rent for a 400 quadrate ft ADU hardly affordable, see it includes caller appliances, h2o and electricity, cable, and adjacent a tiny patio country with other storage.

One antheral adjacent offered her $2500 for rent.

“It’s a small spot crazy, but I tried to marque it truly nice,” says Klink.

Klink besides says, since posting accusation astir her rental, galore radical person asked for her advice.

“I had radical that wanted to prime my encephalon that loved my design. 'Who’s your interior designer? Who’s your contractor? We privation his name.' People wanted to cognize the process,” Klink said.

Klink’s strongest proposal is to find a contractor you tin trust. She interviewed 3 contractors, each with a sizeable terms difference.

She besides said to beryllium prepared for the inconvenience that goes with construction.

“I had to seal disconnected portion of my location due to the fact that if you marque an ADU, you person to firewall it, and that means you person to instrumentality down some sides of your drywall and enactment a bigger, fatter drywall,” Klink said.

The astir intimidating part, perhaps, she said was dealing with permits and inspections.

“I was tense astatine first. But past I was saccharine arsenic tin beryllium to the feline coming,” said Klink with a smile.

She hopes to recoup her costs successful 2 and a fractional years.

“I’m happy. I haven’t had idiosyncratic unrecorded present yet, truthful I’ll fto you know. Ask maine a twelvemonth from now,” Klink said.

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