Anti-Vaxxers Scream Trump Is A Fraud As They Protest Vaccine Mandate At His Restaurant

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Pro-Trump anti-vaxxers screamed Trump is simply a fraud erstwhile showed up astatine his edifice and had to amusement impervious of vaccination.


Pro-Trump anti-vaccers showed up astatine Trump Grill successful NYC contiguous aft helium said helium was against vaccine mandates. They were denied work and the constabulary were called. “Trump is simply a fraud if he’s enforcing this!”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) December 23, 2021

The champion portion of this video, too the Trumpers realizing that their messiah is simply a fraud, is erstwhile the anti-vaxxers assertion to person reservations astatine the Trump Grill lone to beryllium told by the constabulary that a preservation is not a law close and that they could marque 10 reservations and it didn’t matter.

You could astir spot the airy bulb supra the guy’s caput who said, “If Trump is enforcing this, Trump is simply a fraud.”

It whitethorn person taken this idiosyncratic years to get there, but helium seems to person yet gotten it.

Donald Trump is simply a fraud. He perpetually directs his supporters to bash 1 happening portion helium does the opposite. Trump wasn’t going to person his edifice unopen down due to the fact that helium refused to travel the law.

One would person thought that Trump’s supporters would person caught connected erstwhile helium sent them to the Capitol connected 1/6 and didn’t travel along.

But immoderate time wherever a Trump protagonist realizes that they person been conned is simply a bully time for America.

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