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Black Widow is present disposable successful theaters and not lone does it research Natasha Romanoff's origins and offer fans a caller look astatine her past, but it besides sets the signifier for what the aboriginal of the MCU looks like. How does Taskmasker stack up against however we cognize that quality successful the comics, wherever does Yelena spell from here, erstwhile are we getting a Brady Bunch-esque spinoff of Alexis and the remainder of the family? These are the existent questions and questions we dive into with Game Informer's latest occurrence of Spoiled! 

The latest Marvel movie has been long successful the making, and though it did spot immoderate delays, it is yet here! Black Widow has been a quality that fans person been clamoring to spot successful a standalone film. Now that it has arrived, we are digging heavy to spot if it delivers. From exploring her past pre-Red Room to seeing precisely however acold the corruption of this enactment goes, Black Widow deals successful dense themes specified arsenic trauma, abuse, and nonaccomplishment of escaped will. But, it's not each stern storylines and beingness oregon decease situations; The Black Widow movie has much than capable moments of levity and besides explores a relationship betwixt 2 sisters that feels integrated and natural. It besides gave america a accidental to spot Natasha find her long-awaited redemption and shows disconnected the powerfulness of family, whether they are humor oregon not. 

Join Ben Reeves, Marcus Stewart, and Liana Ruppert arsenic they dive heavy into the latest Marvel flick. We sermon what we loved astir the movie, what we didn't like, however it stood the trial of expectations, and wherever we deliberation the MCU volition spell next. And our undying emotion for Yelena, Natasha's younger sister, who genuinely stole the movie successful our humble opinion. 

You tin besides cheque retired our Spoiled on our YouTube channel as well, successful summation to a plethora of different video choices determination for your amusement. So beryllium back, ace unfastened a acold h2o (because it's blistery and Black Widow would privation you to beryllium hydrated), and travel stock with america your thoughts connected however the Black Widow movie fits into the bigger representation of the MCU. 

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