Britney Spears conservatorship hearing

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Today, Britney Spears is expected to remotely be different tribunal proceeding since breaking the soundlessness implicit her conservatorship.

Spears told Judge Brenda Penny astatine the proceeding past period that she wanted to prosecute her ain lawyer to advocator connected her behalf. Today, Judge Penny is expected to see the singer's petition for caller counsel, on with different petitions successful the case. 

It's not wide whether Britney Spears volition code the tribunal again successful today's hearing.

During a hearing connected June 23, Spears pleaded to extremity her 13-year conservatorship, a ineligible determination which appoints a guardian to negociate the finances, aesculapian decisions and wide regular beingness of different person.

That was the archetypal clip she had addressed the tribunal since her erstwhile court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham III, filed to suspend her father, Jamie Spears, arsenic the conservator of her estimated $60 cardinal property past year. (Since that hearing, a justice denied the question to remove the singer's begetter from his relation arsenic a conservator.)

"I've told the satellite I'm blessed and OK," the vocalist said astir the arrangement.

"I'm traumatized. I'm not happy, I can't sleep," she continued. 

During the June hearing, Spears pleaded with the justice to instrumentality her claims seriously. She said she had been placed connected lithium, a medicine for bipolar upset which often causes episodes of slump and mania, against her will.

Britney Spears besides said she was forced to tirelessly execute connected tour, had nary power implicit her ain privateness and was not allowed to negociate her reproductive rights.

"My household didn't bash a God damn thing," she said. "Anything I had to do, [my dad] was the 1 who approved each of it. My full household did nothing."

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