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I’m not the benignant of idiosyncratic who enjoys spending clip with a coloring book. I whitethorn person a fewer creator bones successful my body, but they’re astir apt breached successful aggregate places. So, erstwhile I archetypal heard astir Chicory I was skeptical, due to the fact that not lone does Chicory look similar an animated coloring book, but its main mechanic centers connected utilizing a magic paintbrush to colour a achromatic and achromatic world. However, wrong minutes, this inventive small gem won maine over. Chicory mightiness look similar a coloring book, but, astatine heart, it’s a Zelda-inspired escapade afloat of humorous dialog and weighty themes that near maine a small glassy-eyed. 

Chicory takes spot successful a charming small carnal colony called Picnic, wherever everyone is named aft food. All seems good successful the onshore of Picnic until a dark, malevolent unit appears and each colour abruptly disappears from the world. Unfortunately, Picnic’s Brush Wielder, the 1 liable for keeping the spot vibrant, has locked herself successful a tower, leaving the satellite without a savior. That is until the Wielder’s janitor ­– a young, anthropomorphic puppy – “borrows” her master’s magic brushwood and sets disconnected connected an escapade to enactment the satellite backmost successful order. This absurd premise develops into a compelling escapade acknowledgment to Chicory’s clever dialog and wealthiness of charming, idiosyncratic characters specified arsenic a junk-obsessed hoarder and a feline who can’t halt adopting caller children. At circumstantial points, Chicory’s communicative adjacent touches connected superior themes similar imposter syndrome, and my small pup’s heartfelt escapade tugged connected my heartstrings much than once. 

As you travel crossed Picnic, you overgarment each entity you spot to springiness the satellite color. I had the easiest clip utilizing a PC rodent to power the brush, but a controller’s close analog instrumentality gets the occupation done good enough. I besides appreciated the fig of coating tools astatine my disposal. Not lone tin you set your brushwood size and color, but you tin clasp down the overgarment fastener to rapidly capable successful the inheritance and usage pre-set brushwood styles to stamp shapes into the world. Most of the clip you’re constricted to utilizing lone 3 colors, which made maine agelong for a larger colour palette. Fortunately, you aren’t required to recolor the full satellite if you don’t privation to prosecute with this system. Even so, erstwhile I sat down to experimentation with Chicory’s coating mechanics, I recovered it a precise chill, Zen-like experience. 

While recoloring the satellite is simply a accordant but enjoyable broadside activity, astir of my clip successful Chicory was spent interacting with Picnic’s citizens and solving puzzles. From drafting a caller logo for a pizza spot to exploring an underground metropolis afloat of bugs to repainting a location for an indecisive animal, I was perpetually amazed by the extent of experiences Chicory squeezed from its coating mechanics. Most of Chicory’s puzzles inquire you to overgarment definite objects to impact the world. For example, immoderate plants detonate erstwhile you overgarment them, truthful you tin usage these to destruct boulders that artifact your path. Along the way, you besides summation a fistful of clever caller brushwood powers to navigate the satellite better. I peculiarly liked the quality to aquatics done my paint, which allowed maine to compression done tiny spaces and scope retired of the mode areas. 

Surprisingly, Chicory doesn’t person immoderate combat mechanics, truthful portion you explore, you won’t request to fend disconnected armies of goons with your paintbrush. I appreciated this gameplay approach, and I didn’t miss the combat; Chicory’s satellite is truthful absorbing to research that I was halfway done the crippled earlier I adjacent realized it lacked a combat mechanic. The 1 objection is Chicory’s brag encounters. During these events, you indispensable dodge a bid of attacks portion utilizing your brushwood to adhd colour to the boss. I admit however these battles alteration up the pace, but it was hard to support my oculus connected my brushwood and my quality simultaneously; controlling some felt similar trying to hitch my tummy portion patting my head. Fortunately, these encounters aren’t difficult, and if you die, you prime backmost up wherever you near disconnected (you tin adjacent crook disconnected the quality to dice successful the options menu). 

I went into Chicory a spot dubious, but it surpassed my expectations with flying colors. The satellite and its inhabitants are a delight, its puzzles stay clever passim the journey, and its main coating mechanic is the cleanable accent releaser. Chicory taught maine ne'er to justice a coloring publication by its cover, and that you don’t person to beryllium a maestro creator to person amusive with colors. 

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