Events that were antecedently unthinkable successful Colombia person been made imaginable done the historical 2016 bid agreement, the UN envoy for the state told the Security Council connected Tuesday. 

Carlos Ruiz Massieu, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the UN Verification Mission successful Colombia, briefed ambassadors connected latest developments nether the accord that ended 5 decades of warring betwixt the Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP). 

The bid process is entering “a captious juncture”, helium said. 

A analyzable and noble task 

“It is progressively wide that the determination and enactment of each actors progressive successful this analyzable and noble task person been worthy it successful spite of the galore persistent challenges,” helium said, speaking successful Spanish. 

Mr. Ruiz Massieu reported connected caller steps successful the country of transitional justice. 

In April, 7 erstwhile high-level FARC-EP combatants officially accepted work for kidnappings committed during the conflict.  Last week, 11 service officers and a civilian were indicted successful narration to assassinations and forced disappearances presented arsenic deaths successful combat. 

Additionally, thousands of bodies of disappeared persons person been found, successful part, owed to accusation provided by erstwhile guerillas, erstwhile paramilitaries and agents of the State, portion a information committee has served as a forum for dialog betwixt victims and those who harmed them. 

“All of these events, which until precocious would person been unthinkable successful Colombia, are contiguous present imaginable acknowledgment to the bid agreement”, said Mr. Ruiz Massieu. 

Protect section leaders 

Switching to English, the UN envoy underscored the request for associated initiatives by the authorities and civilian nine to support societal leaders and quality rights defenders successful communities affected by recurring violence.  

He precocious met with women leaders moving to physique bid successful the Montes de María portion successful the northbound of the country. 

“I was peculiarly moved by their testimonies of however amerciable equipped actors effort to soundlessness their voices, the voices of communities, by utilizing not conscionable carnal unit but besides resorting to affectional violence, threats and idiosyncratic attacks which forestall them and their families from afloat exercising their rights and surviving a normal, peaceful life,” helium said. 

Mr. Ruiz Massieu was besides acrophobic astir unit and stigmatization against erstwhile FARC-EP combatants and members of the Comunes governmental party, formed pursuing the group’s demobilization.

“The persistence of unit and insecurity, item the urgent request for enhanced prevention and extortion measures, arsenic good arsenic for further and much coagulated steps to dismantle amerciable organizations, to bring perpetrators to justice, arsenic good to widen State institutions, nationalist services and improvement opportunities arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable to conflict-affected communities,” helium said. 

With a caller electoral rhythm looming, Mr. Ruiz Massieu encouraged each sides to stay committed to the bid statement and to proceed prioritizing dialog to resoluteness their differences. 

“It is precisely with this extremity that the bid process enabled widened antiauthoritarian spaces and guarantees for participation”, helium said.