Daughters Who Lost Parents to COVID Plead With Public to Get Vaccinated

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The Rodriguez household played it harmless passim the pandemic. They wore masks, avoided societal gatherings and kept their outings limited.

"We didn't adjacent spell to the stores,” Blanca Velazquez said. “We had them present everything."

Still, the coronavirus struck her household backmost successful January. While she doesn’t cognize however they got the COVID-19, the illness infected assorted household members including her parents. The heads of the household didn't marque it and the astir frustrating portion for the household was that they died conscionable 1 week earlier becoming eligible for the vaccine. 

“It could've changed the result of what happened,” said Cynthia Rodriguez.

Now, astir six months aft their death, and arsenic caller COVID-19 cases commencement to spike again, the South Bay women don't recognize however thousands of San Diegans are inactive refusing to get the vaccine.

"Having to program a ceremonial for some your parents and burying them connected the aforesaid time is not thing that anybody should person to spell done and if there's a mode to halt this, if there's a mode to person radical not dice of this past wherefore would you not instrumentality that option?" said Velazquez.

Frustrated by the unvaccinated, the Rodriguez sisters are sharing their communicative successful hopes to scope those inactive hesitant astir the vaccine. 


"I cognize it's scary, the chartless is scary, but it is not arsenic atrocious arsenic having mislaid portion of your bosom due to the fact that your parents died,” said Rodriguez.

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