'Dirtbag' McGregor fumes Poirier rivalry 'not over'

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Conor McGregor has vowed his beef with Dustin Poirier is "not over" aft the Irishman mislaid via a Doctor's Stoppage successful the archetypal circular of their UFC 264 bout successful Las Vegas.


With each antheral having beaten 1 different successful their 2 erstwhile fights, UFC 264 promised to beryllium a feisty encounter, with plentifulness of trash speech successful the lead-up. Entertainment was guaranteed, but no-one could person predicted what happened successful the Octagon successful the 3rd variation of their rivalry.

'The Diamond' was each implicit McGregor successful the last seconds of the archetypal round, with the timepiece luckily redeeming him from a TKO, erstwhile a "freak" limb wounded ended the combat prematurely.

Though commentators did not initially realise McGregor had suffered the wounded amid a frantic decorativeness to the opening round, it soon became wide erstwhile McGregor did not get up and spell to his corner. He pointed to his limb arsenic doctors rushed in.

The assemblage was near stunned with McGregor's limb cleanable breached and successful gruesome scenes, wobbling arsenic helium lifted it disconnected the canvas. The wounded meant the combat was deemed over, and a Doctor's Stoppage, not a TKO, was the extremity result.

It was the archetypal back-to-back nonaccomplishment successful McGregor's UFC career.

McGregor loses by a Doctor's stoppage successful UFC 264 (Getty)

Replays showed McGregor stepped backmost awkwardly erstwhile the brace were squaring disconnected connected their feet, starring to the breached limb that UFC commentator Joe Rogan called a "freak accident".

Then arsenic McGregor fell to the ground, Poirier was easy capable to pummel the helpless Irishman till the bell, without the referee noticing.

"Wow. Anti-climactic," Rogan said successful commentary.

"Dustin cracked him and that's erstwhile helium fell backmost and broke his ankle.

"He fell backmost connected his ain ankle and broke it. That is crazy.

"It really broke his leg, the shin, I'm guessing. From wherever it's bending it looks supra the ankle."

Conor McGregor suffered a breached limb against Dustin Poirier (Getty)

After the antithetic triumph Poirier claimed helium had "felt something" aft a cheque connected McGregor, and past aboriginal successful the fight, the bony indispensable person snapped.

"He fractured it connected 1 of the checks and past it broke connected a punch, for sure," Poirier said.

There were galore unruly verbal exchanges betwixt the fighters earlier UFC 264, which made triumph that small spot sweeter for Poirier.

"This feline was saying he's going to execution me, [saying] I'm going to permission present successful a coffin. I anticipation this feline gets location harmless to his beauteous family," the American told unhappy McGregor fans successful Vegas.

"He did deed maine with a bully cross, conscionable similar the past fight. I didn't spot it."

Poirier besides accused McGregor of dodgy tactics successful the fight.

"Takedown was easy. He was putting his fingers successful my mitt and pulling maine down to propulsion the up-kicks," helium said.

"I was trying to fto [referee] Herb [Dean] cognize that. This feline is simply a dirtbag.

"Everybody booing, you tin buss my full a--hole.

"Karma is not a b--ch, it's a mirror. I bushed the guy."

McGregor continued to rima disconnected arsenic Poirier did his post-fight interrogation and expressed his disappointment successful the result.

"I was boxing the bleeding caput disconnected him, kicking the bleeding limb disconnected him," McGregor said.

"This is not over. If I person to instrumentality this connected with him outside, I don't springiness a bollocks."

"There was nary cheque - not 1 of them checked," McGregor said defiantly earlier issuing immoderate much idiosyncratic trash talk.

"Your woman is successful my DMs!" McGregor yelled astatine Poirier.

Conor McGregor is stretchered disconnected (Getty)

McGregor appeared highly frustrated with the bizarre ending to the fight.

"It separated and I bleeding landed connected my wonky limb conscionable similar Anderson Silva, thing akin to that," McGregor said of the moment.

The erstwhile 'champ, champ' had to beryllium stretchered disconnected retired of the arena, and continued to outcry profanities arsenic helium exited.

UFC president Dana White aboriginal confirmed McGregor would acquisition country connected his breached limb successful the morning, and besides flagged involvement successful a 4th showdown betwixt the pair, erstwhile McGregor had recovered from his injury.

"The combat didn't get finished. You can't person a combat decorativeness that way," White said successful the post-fight property conference.

"We'll spot however this full happening plays out. Who knows however agelong Conor is out.

"Poirier volition bash his happening till Conor is ready."

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