Doedee's 'silly courage' raises safety questions

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Adelaide manager Matthew Nicks has admitted helium was "praying" Tom Doedee would propulsion retired of the brutal marking contention that near him with blurred imaginativeness and a concussion.

The incidental occurred successful the archetypal 4th of Adelaide's Friday nighttime clash against Essendon erstwhile Doedee went backmost with the formation of the shot and was cleaned up by an onrushing Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti.

Both players were near sprawled connected the crushed for respective minutes aft the contest, earlier Doedee was yet helped disconnected the crushed by the Crows doctors. McDonald-Tipungwuti was capable to tally retired the remainder of the match.

After being assessed for a concussion, Doedee was yet subbed retired successful the 2nd quarter, with aesculapian substitute Ben Davis replacing him.

Doedee is checked connected by an Adelaide doc earlier helium was taken disconnected the crushed and subbed disconnected (Getty)

While Doedee was rightly praised for his courageousness successful the marking contest, Nicks and respective others wondered whether it had been omniscient for him to onslaught the shot similar helium did, fixed helium was successful specified a susceptible position.

"I deliberation it's thing we've got to support moving connected due to the fact that I'm not definite that shot is ever determination to spell for," Nicks said aft the Crows' 63-point nonaccomplishment to Essendon.

"Tom is truthful courageous, he's a hard one. To archer him to halt doing that, we instrumentality distant what has been his limb to this constituent successful his abbreviated career. He loves the contention and embraces physicality. He wants to enactment his assemblage connected the enactment for his team.

"It's conscionable a substance of erstwhile and where. I'll person to look astatine it back, but astatine the clip I was praying that helium pulled out."

The 24-year-old was heavy praised for putting his assemblage connected the line, with Collingwood prima Taylor Adams adjacent taking notice, calling Doedee's enactment "incredibly brave".

"That's the astir courageous enactment I've seen this year," said Hawthorn large Jordan Lewis who was connected commentary for AFL Nation.

"He knew precisely what was coming. Neither helium oregon McDonald-Tipungwuti took their eyes disconnected the ball."

Doedee volition miss Adelaide's Round 18 clash against West Coast arsenic helium enters the AFL's 12-day concussion protocol aft the blow.

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