Eater San Diego: Filipino Food Lands at Liberty Public Market

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A fast-casual conception serving Filipino classics has arrived astatine Liberty Public Market astatine Liberty Station. Eater San Diego has the scoop connected that caller spot, positive different apical stories of the week from our section nutrient and portion scene.

White Rice Launches Inside Liberty Public Market
Local cook Phillip Esteban, who already runs a ramen store wrong Liberty Public Market astatine Liberty Station, has conscionable debuted a caller stall serving Filipino silong, oregon atom bowls. Called White Rice, the spot tops its atom bowls with everything from crispy pork belly to barbecue chickenhearted skewers. Also connected the menu: accepted snacks similar ube pandesal and lumpia Shanghai.

Esteban – a National City autochthonal who has besides appeared connected “Chopped” connected the Food Network – was a impermanent connected our Scene successful San Diego podcast past autumn and talked with america astir his galore section culinary projects. Esteban is besides portion of the squad down Open Gym, a section radical that runs Craft Meals Catering, focused connected making a affirmative interaction successful San Diego done locally sourced food. He’s been teaming up with Pete Halmay – manager of San Diego’s Tuna Harbor Dockside Market – to marque his ngo happen.

You tin drawback Esteban’s communicative connected our Scene successful San Diego podcast here oregon by scrolling down to his occurrence successful the subordinate beneath ("Sink oregon Swim," Sept. 2020).

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Midwestern Chain Bringing Cheesesteaks and Hoagies to San Diego
Founded successful Detroit, Lefty's Famous Cheesesteaks, Hoagies & Grill is preparing for large enlargement successful Southern California including 25 locations successful San Diego County alone. The casual sandwich concatenation is starting with a flagship outpost successful the Gaslamp wherever it replaces Burger Lounge connected 5th Avenue. 

Southeast Asian Restaurant Coming to North Park
The erstwhile cook and co-owner of Oceanside's acclaimed Dija Mara volition unfastened Hoxton Manor this period connected University Avenue successful the erstwhile Breakfast Company space. Combining SoCal sensibilities with Asian ingredients, the paper volition item the cuisine of Vietnam, Thailand, and the surrounding areas portion the barroom volition absorption connected gin cocktails and earthy wine.

Eater San Diego Round-Ups and The Scene

Where to Drink Cocktails Right Now
The latest monthly update of the Eater Cocktail Heatmap, aka a rundown of caller bars and caller cocktail menus, includes a recently-opened rooftop barroom astatine Oceanside's Mission Pacific Hotel arsenic good arsenic a beloved Normal Heights barroom Sycamore Den whose latest cocktail database features drinks that tin beryllium made arsenic non-alcoholic versions. 

Meal Service Offering Sliding Scale Pricing Expands to San Diego
Based successful Los Angeles, Everytable has arrived successful San Diego with a repast subscription work delivered from its cardinal room successful LA. The institution is besides scouting locations crossed San Diego for its grab-and-go storefronts, wherever individually-packed meals volition beryllium priced from $5 to $9 depending connected the median household income of each neighborhood.

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