Eater San Diego: La Puerta Expands From Gaslamp to Mission Hills

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New doors person opened for San Diego’s fashionable Gaslamp Quarter hangout, La Puerta. Eater San Diego has the scoop connected its expansion, positive different apical stories of the week from our section nutrient and portion scene.

Knock, Knock: The Gaslamp's Mexican Cantina La Puerta Arrives connected Goldfinch
Replacing The Patio connected Goldfinch is La Puerta, which has revealed a caller determination successful Mission Hills. The 4,000-square-foot edifice is simply a much blase mentation of the longstanding downtown barroom but serves the aforesaid paper of Mexican favorites including TJ dogs, burritos, and tacos. Check it retired here.

Salad Chain Sweetgreen Coming to Carlsbad
The Los Angeles-based Sweetgreen, a large subordinate successful the fast-casual market, is opening astatine slightest 4 locations successful the San Diego area. Specializing successful farm-to-table salads, bowls, and plates, its first section edifice is scheduled to motorboat astatine the Beacon La Costa successful Carlsbad by aboriginal 2022.

Eater San Diego Round-Ups and The Scene

Famous Japanese Dessert Shop Opening successful La Jolla
With much than 400 locations astir the world, the Japanese dessert store Beard Papa's is known for its signature pick puffs that tin beryllium customized with toppings and fillings, from strawberry glaze to greenish beverage cream. The well-known concatenation is presently successful operation successful La Jolla, wherever it volition beryllium opening a storefront connected Girard Avenue.

Pure Project Brewing Unveils Huge Headquarters successful Vista
The section brewery has moved its operations from Miramar into a whopping 14,000-square-foot installation connected Vista's "Hop Highway" that houses a tasting country and brew plot and its main brewhouse. Another tasting country is opening successful North Park aboriginal this year. Cheers to them.

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Ice Cream Shop and Art Gallery Arrive successful Barrio Logan
New to Logan Avenue is Neveria Los Mochis, a frozen treats store serving Mexican-style crystal pick and sorbet successful flavors similar creamy avocado, Mexican chocolate, and guava. But this isn’t conscionable an crystal pick shop. The abstraction besides doubles arsenic an creation assemblage that volition big events and showcase enactment by section and vicinity artists. 

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