Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Comes To PlayStation Consoles Next Week

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Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is simply a precise bully Metroidvania that, aft spending months successful Steam Early Access, precocious released for Xbox consoles, Switch, and PC. It was primitively expected to get connected PlayStation consoles connected July 6, but that mentation was delayed for method issues. Developer Live Wire seems to person worked retired the kinks, announcing the crippled is coming to Sony platforms adjacent week.

On July 20, PS4 players tin yet bask 1 of the year’s sleeper hits which tin beryllium played connected PS5 via backwards compatibility. Ender Lilies combines Metroid-style exploration and RPG-leveling with a acheronian phantasy atmosphere. You power Lily, a young priestess who indispensable usage her divine cleansing abilities to heal a kingdom twisted into a monstrous mentation of itself by a cursed rain. Lily is accompanied by the Umbral Knight, her protector who handles the existent monster slaying. Defeating cursed guardians recruits them to your cause, bestowing almighty caller abilities utilized to traverse the monolithic labyrinthine map. Ender Lilies’ beauteous creation absorption looks large and camouflages its higher-than-average difficulty. 

Regarding the crippled itself, Game Informer scored Ender Lilies an 8.5 retired of 10. “Ender Lilies doesn’t revolutionize Metroid’s decades-old template, but that’s okay," reads our review. "It’s a well-made experience, and I had a large clip pouring implicit 2 twelve hours into this adventure. The presumption rocks, the enactment is much rewarding than punishing, and its gothic satellite and lore are alluring. Ender Lilies is simply a large nutrient and potatoes experience, demonstrating that simply executing a acquainted look astatine a precocious level tin beryllium conscionable arsenic welcomed arsenic reinventing the wheel.” You tin work the afloat reappraisal here

Have you been holding retired for the PlayStation mentation of Ender Lilies? If you’ve already played the game, what bash you deliberation of it? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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