Everything San Diegans Need to Know About Skateboarding at The Summer Olympics

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It’s nary longer JUST a hobby for “hooligans” oregon “punks” who bask grinding connected nationalist step rails and dropping down an bare excavation to drawback immoderate aerial – skateboarding (after years of being vilified) made its Olympic debut this twelvemonth successful Tokyo.

The cherished Southern California pastime that was often shooed with “no skating” signs successful nationalist spaces is present a respected sport. What was erstwhile seen arsenic a mode to cruise done pavement has turned into a worldwide phenomenon-turned-competition astatine 1 of the biggest planetary sporting events.

So, however precisely did skateboarding go an Olympic sport? Let’s instrumentality a look:

Skateboarding At the Olympics

In 2016, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved 5 sports for inclusion successful the Tokyo Olympics – shot and softball (which are counted unneurotic arsenic one), surfing, karate, athletics climbing and, of course, skateboarding.

IOC President Thomas Bach said the determination to see the caller sports successful the 2020 Summer Olympics was to involvement younger athletes and audiences.

“Taken together, the 5 sports are an innovative operation of established and emerging, youth-focused events that are fashionable successful Japan and volition adhd to the bequest of the Tokyo Games,” Bach said successful a statement.

Tokyo Olympics

The Basics

The skateboarding contention volition beryllium divided successful 2 disciplines for the judges to watch: parkland and street, and each class volition person a women’s lawsuit and a men’s event.

Park competition – volition beryllium held successful a dome-shaped vessel with skaters judged connected tricks made during their timed runs.

Street competition – volition diagnostic bid of jumps, rails and different maneuvers athletes marque during their timed runs.

Skaters volition beryllium fixed 5 seconds to commencement aft the opening awesome and a horn volition stroke erstwhile their clip expires. Tricks made during that clip volition beryllium scored and the caput justice volition determine if a instrumentality has been completed aft the clip was called.

A horn awesome is triggered erstwhile the clip expires. A instrumentality volition beryllium considered during clip and scored if it is successful advancement earlier the horn signal. The caput justice volition determine if a instrumentality completed aft clip volition beryllium scored.

Bryce Wettstein volition correspond the U.S. successful the Tokyo Olympics, reports NBC 7's Lauren Coronado

How Judges Will Keep Score

Skaters volition beryllium judged connected a 0-100 constituent standard and successful each round, the Olympian’s champion of 3 45-second runs volition number arsenic their last scores.

“The highest and lowest scores for each tally are dropped, and the remaining 3 scores are averaged to 2 decimal places resulting successful the last tally score,” the Olympics explained.

Which San Diegans Are Competing?

A U.S.-born athletics means that Team USA's skateboarding unit is massive, with a twelve athletes representing the country. Meet the members with San Diego County ties:

The International Olympic Committee’s aesculapian main said Thursday that the contented of transgender athletes’ information successful Olympic contention is analyzable and the IOC is inactive moving connected a model for aboriginal eligibility.

Heimana Reynolds, 23, Carlsbad resident

Skateboarder Heimana Reynolds

Harry How/Getty Images

Skateboarder Heimana Reynolds poses for a representation during the Team USA Tokyo 2020 Olympic sprout connected November 22, 2019 successful West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Hailed from Hawaii, Reynolds present resides successful North County and is simply a park-style skateboarder.

"I emotion skateboarding. Like, this is what I do," Reynolds told NBC 7's Steven Luke connected the Olympic Dreams: San Diego to Tokyo podcast. "I chose this origin I emotion to bash it and I'm fortunate capable to marque this my livelihood," helium said.

“Like a doctor, helium has a 9 to 5 occupation right?” Reynolds said. “Skateboarding is mine. I spell to the skatepark 9 to 5.”

Bryce Wettstein, 17, Encinitas resident

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

DES MOINES, IOWA - MAY 21: Bryce Wettstein looks connected during the Women's Park Semifinal astatine the Dew Tour connected May 21, 2021 successful Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Encinitas-raised Wettstein has been skateboarding since she was 5 acknowledgment to her ma and dada teaching her.

The fierce teen loves to play volleyball, surf and usage her ukelele erstwhile she's not skating.

She said the athletics "brings retired the champion parts of myself and has go a portion of my soul."

Jagger Eaton, 20, San Diego resident

Bronze medallist Jagger Eaton of the US poses connected the podium astatine the extremity of the men's thoroughfare prelims during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games astatine Ariake Sports Park Skateboarding successful Tokyo connected July 25, 2021. (Photo by Jeff PACHOUD / AFP) (Photo by JEFF PACHOUD/AFP via Getty Images)

This Arizona-born skater moved to America's Finest City to prosecute his passionateness for skateboarding and to beryllium person to the iconic Encinitas Skate Park.

He has already made past arsenic the archetypal American to gain an Olympic medal successful the skateboarding contention -- and helium did it with a breached ankle, nary less.

“There is nary bigger grant successful athletics to vie for your country, and that’s thing I truly wanted to do," Eaton told NBC 7. "I’m a precise patriotic young man. When I got the accidental to vie and really enactment the azygous connected the archetypal time, it blew my mind.”

Brighton Zeuner, 17, Encinitas resident

Brighton Zeuner

getty images

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 22: Skateboarder Brighton Zeuner poses for a representation during the Team USA Tokyo 2020 Olympic sprout connected November 22, 2019 successful West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

A decorated skateboarding nonmigratory astatine conscionable the property of 17, Zeuner learned however to usage the committee astatine the property of 4.

An Encinitas-raised teen, this skater loves going to the beach, playing the guitar and eating Japanese cuisine.

When she's not skating, she enjoys scouring the thrift stores of North County to make her ain clothes.

Cory Juneau, 22, San Diego resident

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - AUGUST 02: Cory Juneau looks connected during practics for the Men's Skateboard Park contention astatine the X Games Minneapolis 2019 astatine U.S. Bank Stadium connected August 02, 2019 successful Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Straight retired of America's Finest City, Juneau has been skateboarding since helium was a youngster and has competed successful aggregate countries since.

When he's not kicking and pushing his board, helium enjoys customizing motorcycles with his begetter and adding much golden chains to his collection.

Jordyn Barratt, 22, Carlsbad resident

Jordyn Barratt

Jordyn Barratt

This North County nonmigratory made past arsenic the archetypal pistillate to suffice for the Dew Tour Park Am contest.

The Olympian, who was calved successful Texas past lived successful Hawaii, moved to California arsenic a teen and attended San Dieguito High School Academy

When she's not skateboarding, Barratt enjoys surfing and spending clip with her adorable dogs.

Tom Schaar, 21, Carlsbad resident

Tom Schaar1

Kenny Holmes

A postgraduate of San Dieguito High School Academy, this North County nonmigratory was the archetypal skateboarder to onshore a 1080 connected a vertical ramp.

He told NBC 7 past year that it was unfortunate the pandemic pushed backmost the Tokyo Olympics, but had an other twelvemonth to mentally hole for the large event.

"I don't privation to get excessively worked up astir it, get ace stressed retired and not beryllium capable to skate arsenic well," Schaar said astatine the time.

During his downtime, helium enjoys pursuing his philanthropic efforts, drawing, surfing and playing video games.

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