'Fair game': Koepka fuels DeChambeau feud

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Brooks Koepka has made it abundantly wide helium doesn't similar Bryson DeChambeau. That should person nary bearing successful play due to the fact that they don't person to walk clip together, which they don't do, and they haven't played unneurotic connected the PGA Tour since the 2nd circular astatine Bay Hill 2 years ago.

Maybe it volition beryllium antithetic erstwhile they are US teammates successful the Ryder Cup successful September.

Or possibly not.

"You realise it's lone a week, right?" Koepka said Tuesday from the British Open.

Brooks Koepka astatine the Open (Getty)

"I mean, look, I tin enactment it speech for business. If we're going to beryllium connected the aforesaid team, I tin woody with anybody successful the satellite for a week. I'm not playing with him. I'm beauteous definite we're not going to beryllium paired together, enactment it that way."

That constituted the latest "development" successful a feud that began astir 2 years agone and took a bizarre, nationalist crook with a leaked Golf Channel video successful May that was ne'er aired, and the cookware shots conscionable support coming.

"He tin accidental immoderate helium wants," DeChambeau said, sounding weary of the questions.

Bryson DeChambeau photobombs Brooks Koepka (NBC)

The lone revelation Tuesday was Koepka giving a small much item connected the root of the beef.

Koepka's caddie, Ricky Elliott, was connected the putting greenish astatine Liberty National successful August 2019 erstwhile DeChambeau walked by and saw him chatting with 2 reporters, 1 of whom had been asking him questions the erstwhile time astir being criticised for dilatory play.

(While Koepka is unreservedly vocal astir gait of play, the taxable of this peculiar speech was often however Koepka really heeds his caddie's advice).

The disdain connected the look of Brooks Koepka (right) is precise wide arsenic American compatriot Bryson DeChambeau walks by. (Golf Channel)

DeChambeau made a beeline for the group. He told Elliott to walk on to Koepka that if determination were immoderate issues, Koepka should speech to DeChambeau. Koepka arrived a abbreviated clip aboriginal and did conscionable that.

"We some agreed we'd permission each different retired of it and wouldn't notation each other, conscionable benignant of fto it dice off, wouldn't notation each other's names, conscionable spell astir it," Koepka said.

And past DeChambeau, playing a video crippled that was streaming live, poked amusive astatine Koepka for not having immoderate abs successful a photograph sprout for ESPN's "Body Issue" magazine.

DeChambeau would 'love' Ryder Cup pairing with Koepka

"So present it's just game," Koepka said.

Fair oregon not, it's decidedly a game. Meanwhile, the British Open begins Thursday, the last large title of the year. The Ryder Cup is September 24-26 astatine Whistling Straights. No, they astir apt won't beryllium partners, though DeChambeau said helium would not beryllium opposed.

"I deliberation would beryllium benignant of comic actually," DeChambeau said.

"I deliberation we'd bash well, to beryllium honest. It would make a small absorbing vibe for the squad oregon for the guys we're playing against."

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