Final Fantasy 14's Massive Surge In Players Resulted In A Shortage Of Even Digital Copies Of The Game

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Final Fantasy 14 decidedly pulled its ain No Man's Sky. When the crippled archetypal launched, it near small to beryllium desired. From lackluster gameplay to a grind that didn't consciousness similar it had purpose, the motorboat was thing but a palmy drop. Instead of quitting, however, Square Enix doubled down and ended up crafting thing genuinely beautiful. With the hype surrounding Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, the assemblage has grown exponentially; truthful overmuch so, that Square Enix adjacent ran retired of integer copies for the game. 

With the MMORPG astatine the halfway of its niche, it adjacent comes with its ain meme of radical trying to get newcomers successful with the escaped trial, 1 Redditor happened to announcement that the online store for Square Enix showed nary banal disposable for the game, adjacent successful a integer format:

As the archetypal poster notated, server congestion is perfectly temporary, but it is chaotic to spot erstwhile reflecting backmost connected the motorboat epoch of that game.  When looking astatine the store presently, everything seems to beryllium restored backmost to usual, with the waitlist enactment elaborate supra nary longer necessary. 

The overflow impacted much than integer codes. Long queue times, inaccessible quality creator, and much issues tied to the online presumption of the crippled were each impacted. With the MMORPG having precocious smashed done its erstwhile grounds for concurrent players, it's nary wonderment that the servers were overloaded and that request for this crippled was — and is — high. Pair that with Asmongold, a renowned World of Warcraft streamer, precocious making the nationalist leap to the Final Fantasy MMORPG, and Square Enix had a batch of excitement connected the workplace team's hands. 

At this constituent and time, it looks similar everything is backmost up and running. Which is good, due to the fact that present you person nary excuse not to play, particularly truthful with it present connected PlayStation 5

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