Gallen confirms he will box again

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Paul Gallen has confirmed helium volition combat again, revealing helium has fielded a fig of "unbelievable" offers since his heavyweight bout against Justis Huni.

Gallen (11-1-1, 6 KOs) was waved disconnected by the referee successful the 10th and last circular of his Australian heavyweight rubric fight past period against Huni (5-0, 4 KOs), pursuing a knockdown.

It was Gallen's archetypal defeat.

Since the nonaccomplishment to Huni, successful which Gallen besides suffered a breached rib, the 39-year-old erstwhile NRL prima has been urged by a fig of pundits to discontinue from boxing, including from the likes of Australian boxing large Jeff Fenech.

But contempt those calls, Gallen confirmed he's acceptable "to marque a dollar" by returning to the sport.

"I volition get successful the ringing again," Gallen told 2GB's Wide World of Sports radio.

Paul Gallen vs Justis Huni (Getty)

"Who that is against and when? I'm not excessively sure.

"Over 400 games of shot and 15 fights, I've been wounded once.

"I person thing to prove, but I privation to marque a dollar."

The erstwhile Cronulla Sharks skipper claims the offers he's fielded since his astir caller decision person blown him away.

"The offers that person travel to maine implicit the past 3 weeks person been unbelievable from that [Huni] fight," Gallen said.

"It's similar my stocks person gone up. I can't ideate what would person happened had I won that fight.

"My stocks person gone up due to the fact that of the effort I enactment into it and the combat itself."

Huni beats Gallen by 10th circular TKO

Asked if the offers person travel from either footballer players oregon boxers, Gallen revealed some options person arisen.

"I person the enactment to bash both, but archetypal of all, it volition beryllium shot players to commencement with and past aft that, I volition spell backmost to boxers and MMA-type of people," helium added.

"There volition beryllium rugby league players to commencement with and past we volition look astatine boxers and MMA fighters aft that.

"And determination is ever the enactment of Sonny Bill Williams."

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