Green's defiant response to Maroons' culture criticism

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Queensland manager Paul Green admits the disapproval of the Maroons' civilization "hurts" amid the fallout from Jai Arrow's bubble breach past week.

Staring down the tube of a bid expanse for the archetypal clip since 2000, beingness was made adjacent harder for the Maroons past week erstwhile Arrow was kicked retired of campy aft inviting a pistillate into his edifice room, which went against biosecurity protocols.

The Queensland guardant was subsequently fined $35,000 and deed with a two-game suspension.

While the civilization of the Maroons came into question today, Green said helium was "confident" his broadside could set unneurotic and not let immoderate disruptions to impact Wednesday's Origin finale.

"When radical bash criticise your culture, yeah, that does hurt," Green told reporters.

Maroons manager Paul Green (Getty)

"The civilization has been acceptable successful the past 40 years. It is not successful the past 2 games since I person been caput coach.

"We've got experienced staff. We've got 3 guys who person played 30 positive games - unit who person been progressive for six oregon 7 years, truthful that hurts.

"But erstwhile you get the results that we person gotten truthful acold you permission yourself unfastened to questions connected those areas.

"The boys person been truly good, whether oregon not it brings them unneurotic - I americium assured it will, but we volition cognize connected Wednesday night."

It was revealed yesterday by the Sydney Morning Herald that the NRL's Integrity Unit was inactive investigating whether immoderate different Maroons players were caught up successful Arrow's breach.

But Green said players person been "staunch" successful their effect by declaring that nary 1 other from the squad was involved.

Maroons respond to Arrow suspension

"We spoke to the players. The players person been staunch successful their presumption that determination was nary 1 other progressive successful the breach truthful I don't person immoderate different accusation different than that," helium said.

"Jai is highly apologetic. The full happening is regrettable.

"Jai enactment his manus up, helium apologised, helium was precise remorseful and understands the hazard to the crippled and the NRL biosecurity bubble that it was. It's unfortunate and it is not bully enough. But he's paid a dense price, he's been sanctioned.

"I deliberation we besides person to see that arsenic a young antheral who has made a beauteous large mistake helium besides owned it."

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