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Retail payments usually reflect trends that illustrate the dynamics of the economic activity, on a given country, region, city, etc. The pandemic situation of COVID-19 certainly provides an image of the evolution of such trends, with impacts, felt everywhere the planet , albeit on different stages and on different degrees, Cryptocurrency Press Release Distribution while consequences will take time to be adequately and fully measured.

However, similarly to any crisis, this one also presents its own opportunities: evolving retail payment habits towards more efficiency and user-friendliness, with quicker and secure transactions, enhancing a policy line followed and fostered by policymakers over the years. Particularly in Europe and therefore the euro area, Blockchain Press Release Distribution since the inception of SEPA, where retail payments became borderless supported common standards and procedures for core products, that has been the direction taken.

The current circumstances found out a more visible got to adopt more common practices. With lockdown and with a sanitary goal of accelerating overall hygiene within the society, several were the cases where regulation came to facilitate remote transactions and in face-to-face situations to extend Bitcoin Press Release Distribution Services the utilization of contactless payments. For this, a key factor was the rise of the utmost amount per transaction, in Portugal and other countries, fixed at 50 EUR since late-March.

With online purchases growing markedly during the more severe periods of lockdown, also with instant payments available in several jurisdictions, when rules began to be less rigid and more mobility was allowed as of mid-May and thru June, also the usage of contactless payments got more into the daily habits of consumers and merchants alike. As a result, year-on-year averages and volumes significantly grew to more efficient levels and there's potential to continue such a trend. Amounts spent on transactions completed via contactless almost doubled.

It remains to be seen whether new habits really came to remain , including e-commerce, where trust by users is paramount. Time will tell if consumers will keep the newly acquired payment behaviors once we reach a stage of more normal activity. a stimulating trend to be followed. And ICO Press Release Distribution service fostered.

The country case for Portugal are going to be presented, that specialize in recent trends, during Group Futurista’s 2nd edition of the ‘Future of Contactless Payments post COVID-19’ webinar, on 27th August 2020 at 14:00 hours BST.

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