Halo Co-Creator Shares Original Halo Weapon Prototypes, Including A Microwave Gun

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The Halo franchise has gone done galore changes passim the years, including changing the full workplace down the game as well. With Halo Infinite connected the skyline and the 20th day for Halo: Combat Evolved coming up successful November, Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto conscionable shared a fewer of the weapons that ne'er made it into the game. If you're similar america and enjoy seeing aboriginal prototypes and pitches for immoderate of our favourite games, past these volition suit your fancy conscionable fine. 

Many devs attached to the Halo sanction person been sharing much astir the franchise recently, particularly with the Halo Waypoint website, but Lehto decided to instrumentality it mode backmost to the archetypal Master Chief adventures and the concepts that ne'er rather made it disconnected of the cutting country floor. As seen successful the Twitter thread below, Lehto shared a fewer antithetic weapons from an earlier 2000 physique of the archetypal Halo. We decidedly spot wherever Jotunn from Destiny 2 comes from (I accidental successful a kidding manner) due to the fact that 1 of the weapons is virtually called the "microwave gun." Which, if you play Destiny, particularly against definite players successful Crucible, past you'll cognize that that's beauteous overmuch precisely what Jotunn is. 

Also included is simply a archetypal look astatine the canned Particle Beam Rifle (really trying hard present not to reference Mass Effect, guys), a concussion gun, and — my peculiar favorite: the Excavator. Check them retired below: 

I recovered these Covenant limb prototypes successful my aged 2000 Halo PC physique that you mightiness like.

c concussion gun
c excavator
c particle beam rifle
c microwave gun

I similar the metre cooldown connected the concussion gun.
The microwave weapon would person been hilarious.#Halo pic.twitter.com/qGQO0XFn3R

— Marcus Lehto (@game_fabricator) July 8, 2021

Let's beryllium existent for a second, that microwave weapon would beryllium nerfed truthful hard wrong a week. Honestly, I hold with Lehto, that would person been a hilarious addition to the game. But, conscionable similar immoderate amusement and originative medium, not each thought is going to marque it into the last product. Whether that beryllium owed to originative conflict, a request to chopped down for time, oregon for the request to support a cohesive imaginativeness intact, determination are truthful galore secrets that our astir beloved games person simply due to the fact that of clip and concepts that ne'er made it disconnected the proverbial page. That's what makes dev drops similar this truthful interesting, it gives the assemblage a accidental to larn adjacent much astir the titles that person meant the astir to them, making those adventures the gifts that conscionable support connected giving. 

What bash you deliberation astir Halo limb prototypes? Would you person liked to spot these marque it into the archetypal game? Which 1 is your favourite and wherefore is the Microwave gun? Sound disconnected successful the comments below! 

Also, H/T to my Destiny clan for showing this thread to me. Eyes up, Guardians!

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