Here Are the Cheapest Stocks in Each Sector. Some Deserve the Discount, Others Look Like Bargains.

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AT&T is among the cheapest stocks successful the S&P 500 communications sector.

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Stocks with precocious valuations aren’t hard to find today, aft a massive rally to grounds highs for large indexes. But determination are inactive pockets of the marketplace that look similar bargains. It’s up to investors to determine whether that discount is deserved—or an accidental for aboriginal gains.

Even successful immoderate of the market’s priciest sectors—such arsenic exertion oregon user discretionary—there are companies that commercialized for ample discounts to the S&P 500’s 20.6 times Wall Street analysts’ statement estimates for 2022 per-share earnings.

Here are the 3 cheapest stocks successful each 11 S&P 500 sectors:

*P/2022E FFO

Source: Bloomberg

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (ticker: HPE), Micron Technology (MU), and Western Digital (WDC) each spell for little than 8 times adjacent year’s estimated earnings—compared with a 29 times 2022 price-to-earnings for the tech assemblage connected average. That’s a large gap, but it isn’t unreasonable. 

Computing infrastructure-focused Hewlett Packard Enterprise lacks the accelerated income maturation and wide nett margins that galore of the tech sector’s software-as-a-service leaders boast. The company, which divided disconnected from the PC and printer-focused HP Inc. (HPQ) successful 2015, has managed to amusement top-line maturation successful lone 1 4th since 2018, its latest. Investors volition privation to spot that go a inclination earlier giving the banal recognition successful the signifier of a richer valuation multiple.

Micron and Western Digital some merchantability into the highly cyclical representation spot market, with periods of aggravated request and precocious income tending to beryllium followed by slumps of oversupply and weaker pricing. Right now, the industry is successful roar times. After a twelvemonth of moving from location boosted request for PCs, smartphones, and unreality infrastructure, representation inventories are debased and customers are paying up. Analysts expect near-record earnings per stock for Micron successful its fiscal 2022, which ends successful August, but the banal terms hasn’t kept pace.

That’s what tends to hap to cyclical stocks: Multiples declaration toward the apical of the cycle, due to the fact that investors interest that things are arsenic bully arsenic they’re going to get and the existent level of net won’t beryllium sustainable. That makes Micron and Western Digital stocks look cheaper than they truly are.

In the adjacent pricier user discretionary sector—home to (AMZN) and Tesla (TSLA)—the cheapest stocks are each location builders: PulteGroup (PHM), Lennar (LEN), and D.R. Horton (DHI). Cyclicality is to blasted erstwhile again. The lodging marketplace is mounting records and multiyear highs left and right, and it’s improbable to support up that torrid gait implicit the mean to agelong term. So investors are valuing those 3 location builder stocks astatine peak-cycle multiples, each nether 8 times adjacent year’s estimated earnings.

The cheapest stocks successful the S&P 500—across sectors—are a brace of caller pharma-company spinoffs: Viatris (VTRS), jettisoned from Pfizer (PFE) past twelvemonth and merged with Mylan, and Organon (OGN), excised from Merck (MRK) past month. They’re some brand-new stocks with generic-sounding names that person apt kept them comparatively nether the radar among non-healthcare focused investors. But portion analysts person been skeptical astir Viatris’ semipermanent maturation prospects, determination is much to similar astir Organon—a recent Barron’s banal pick. The 2 commercialized for conscionable 3.9 times and 5.3 times adjacent year’s earnings, respectively, versus the healthcare sector’s 26.3 times.

The S&P 500 communications services assemblage is dominated by companies including Facebook (FB), Alphabet (GOOGL), and Netflix (NFLX)—all comparatively pricey stocks with accelerated and sustainable maturation rates. At the bottommost of the assemblage by valuation, meanwhile, are a brace of companies successful the midst of transitions successful their businesses: AT&T (T) and Discovery (DISCA). Both commercialized astatine astir 9.5 adjacent year’s net versus the sector’s 23.5 times average. Earlier this year, the erstwhile agreed to spin disconnected its WarnerMedia subsidiary and merge it with the latter, leaving AT&T to absorption connected its wireless and wired telecom businesses portion the combined Discovery/WarnerMedia pursues the planetary streaming amusement opportunity. 

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That announcement was met with skepticism from the market, and a planned dividend chopped from AT&T led to anger from the stock’s shareholder base, which is dense with income investors. There is simply a batch that some companies volition request to beryllium to investors, and each has deep-pocketed competitors and different challenges. But undemanding valuations marque their stocks little of a assistance for investors consenting to beryllium contrarian.

The astir costly of the S&P 500’s 11 sectors is existent estate, astatine astir 69 times 2022 estimated earnings. But that is misleading, with existent property concern trusts tending to beryllium valued based connected their funds from operations, oregon FFO. That adjusts for depreciation and income of property, homing successful connected the currency that a REIT’s properties generate. S&P 500 existent property stocks commercialized for astir 22 times adjacent year’s P/FFO connected average.

By that metric, the cheapest stocks successful the assemblage are Simon Property Group (SPG), Weyerhauser (WY), and CBRE Group (CBRE)—all going for 13 oregon little times their estimated 2022 FFO. 

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