‘I was devastated to find out my husband led a double life’: He had $50,000 in joint bank and bitcoin accounts with his secret girlfriend. Can I claim this money?

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Dear Quentin,

After 33 years unneurotic successful marriage, I was devastated to find retired my hubby led a treble life: One wherever helium was single, and 1 being married.  

He was an estimator for a paving institution and had a batch of escaped time. With each the hookups helium had, helium fell successful emotion with 1 of the women helium had been seeing down my back.

I recovered six recognition cards helium had down my backmost with payments of implicit $1,000 each. I recovered retired helium was trading bitcoin BTCUSD, +0.22% and making a ton of money.  

He was moving connected this woman’s location erstwhile ours was falling apart. He was buying her things and hanging retired with her erstwhile helium was astatine “work.”

Apparently, the pistillate was listed connected a slope relationship and his bitcoin relationship — totalling implicit $50,000 astatine the clip of his death. He had nary will.  

Do I person immoderate close to these accounts? I’m successful Washington State.

Thank you successful advance.

The Wife

Dear Wife,

Typically, associated slope accounts are capable to debar probate. But determination is legal precedent successful Washington State saying that 1 spouse does not person the close to transportation one-half involvement successful slope funds to a 3rd enactment without the cognition of the different spouse. Thus, the fiscal institutions should beryllium notified of your husband’s passing, and of your existence.

Washington is simply a community-property state. As such, everything earned during the matrimony is assemblage spot successful your state, and the probate and divorcement courts would look dimly upon those who take to circumvent those laws. Even if these accounts had rights of survivorship determination is simply a beardown lawsuit to beryllium made that you ain one-half of those accounts ($25,000). 

“In Washington, an relationship that is simply designated arsenic ‘joint tenancy’ should walk arsenic a associated tenancy with rights of survivorship to the individual(s) listed connected the relationship who past the deceased relationship holder,” the Stokes Lawrence instrumentality steadfast says. “However, determination is nary guarantee, and disagreements implicit these accounts are often ending up successful litigation.”

There is ineligible precedent successful Washington State saying that 1 spouse does not person the close to transportation one-half involvement successful slope funds to a 3rd enactment without the cognition of the different spouse.

It is simply a surreal and cruel betrayal to observe that idiosyncratic you believed was 1 happening turned retired to beryllium another. Part of maine is hung up connected your precocious husband’s treble life, and the different portion of maine is wondering wherefore estimators for paving companies person a batch of escaped time. Presumably, due to the fact that helium did not person to beryllium successful an bureau from 9 to 5, and helium was connected the roadworthy a lot. 

I americium reminded of the pistillate whose individuality was stolen from a young age. She was trolled by a mysterious villain her full life. She did everything she could deliberation of to alteration her passwords, and support her idiosyncratic accusation safe. Only years aboriginal did she observe that the idiosyncratic moving up bills successful her sanction and creating havoc with indebtedness collectors was her ain mother.

That find that the idiosyncratic we astir judge successful has a concealed beingness raises questions astir whether we tin truly know different radical or, for that matter, ourselves. If thing else, this missive is different reminder that radical are notoriously unpredictable. I anticipation you larn to spot again. I judge that determination are many, galore bully radical retired determination to outweigh the atrocious ones.

Act swiftly. Once your precocious husband’s woman withdraws wealth from the account, it volition beryllium much challenging and costly to retrieve it.

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