Is Kristi Noem Already Attacking Ron DeSantis in a Preview of 2024 Republican Nomination Race?

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As of close now, the GOP is acting arsenic if Donald Trump is the wide 2024 statesmanlike campaigner for the party. Things, however, whitethorn not beryllium thing adjacent that simple.

Trump is not lone and older antheral with imaginable wellness difficulties, determination are besides plentifulness of ineligible challenges for him ahead. And portion helium is hopeless to enactment astatine the caput of the party, different salient Republicans are smelling humor successful the water.

Ron DeSantis is intelligibly the party’s rising star. And South Dakota’s Kristi Noem whitethorn besides person a large future. During this weekend’s CPAC conference, Noem seemingly took a changeable astatine the Florida governor.

The South Dakota governor told attendees, “Let’s speech astir rewriting history. We’ve got Republican Governors crossed the state pretending they didn’t unopen down their states … that they didn’t adjacent their beaches.”

Noem volition person plentifulness of enactment to bash to drawback up with DeSantis. A straw canvass conducted astatine a caller GOP lawsuit successful Colorado showed DeSantis starring Trump arsenic the preferred 2024 candidate.

The CPAC lawsuit successful Texas showed much antithetic results with Trump intelligibly starring each different candidates. DeSantis, though, was intelligibly the 2nd astir fashionable campaigner down Trump. And with each the obstacles to Trump moving successful 2024, it astir makes DeSantis a favorite.

Noem’s strategy is interesting. The information that she would knock a rival for doing things to combat the dispersed of COVID shows precisely wherever the enactment is close now.

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