Jen Psaki Doesn’t Rule Out White House Meeting With Texas Democrats Stopping Voter Suppression Bill

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t regularisation retired idiosyncratic from the White House gathering with the Texas Democrats trying to halt the state’s elector suppression bill.


Jen Psaki doesn't regularisation retired the White House gathering with Texas legislators who are leaving the authorities to artifact the transition of the elector suppression bill.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 12, 2021

Psaki said erstwhile asked astir the White House gathering with the Texas Democrats, “have a — fto maine see. There are certainly possibilities. We have, successful the past, with different legislators coming to Washington. Let maine spot if determination is a planned gathering with anyone from our team. “

If the White House wants to cement their propulsion connected voting rightsbeyond President Biden’s highly anticipated code this week, the representation of these brave Democrats, who are risking apprehension to support voting rights, astatine the White House volition spell a agelong way.

Every American who cares astir ideology and making definite that each eligible radical tin ballot without barriers should dainty these Texas Democrats similar the heroes that they are.

If Texas Democrats tin hazard arrest, the slightest that Senate Democrats tin bash is get connected the aforesaid leafage and usage the infrastructure reconciliation measure to support voting rights.

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