Jen Psaki Shoots Down Fox News’s Voting Rights Lies At White House Briefing

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Fox’s Peter Doocy tried to insert voting rights misinformation into the White House briefing and Jen Psaki took it apart.


Jen Psaki welcomes Peter Doocy backmost to the White House briefing by stomping his unspeakable Fox News propaganda question connected voting rights into dust.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 14, 2021

Doocy asked, “ About voting rights and Texas lawmakers who person travel to Washington, bash you cognize of any examples from his 30 six years successful the legislature that Joe Biden conscionable hopped connected a train and near municipality to debar a vote that helium knew that helium was going to lose?”

Psaki replied, “I deliberation that the president’s view is these Texas legislators were making a connection through action successful absorption to efforts in their authorities to oppose restrictions connected people’s fundamental rights and the right to ballot successful their state. That is wherefore they departed. The vice president met with these legislators yesterday. And the president, I should say, surely applies their action and outspoken opposition to efforts to enactment successful place restrictive measures successful their state.”

Doocy aboriginal tried again, “Does the campaigner who is now  president who told radical who knew however to marque deals with Republicans, he’s gathering with Republicans today, does he think the champion mode to prevent something that helium thinks is back from happening is for lawmakers to beryllium hiding retired successful a different authorities oregon to spell back and beryllium astatine the table?”

Psaki knocked that down too, “ The president believes you should enactment unneurotic successful areas where you tin find agreement, as helium is connected a bipartisan infrastructure model that will assistance rebuild roadways, railways and bridges astir our country. Also,that you should be outspoken wherever you have concerns astir affronts to democracy.”

One of the astir important parts of the mode Jen Psaki conducts the White House property briefings is that she doesn’t springiness an unchallenged level for Fox News and right-wing media to usage the White House level to legitimize and dispersed lies and misinformation.

Doocy tried to framework the actions of the Texas Democrats arsenic fleeing a ballot erstwhile the close practice of their actions is that they near the authorities to support voting rights.

Jen Psaki is making definite that the White House property briefing is not utilized to dispersed Fox News lies.

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