John Dean Says Trump Has Set A Massive Legal Trap For Himself

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John Dean said that by filing his suit against the tech companies who suspended his societal media accounts, Trump has acceptable a monolithic ineligible trap for himself.


John Dean talks with @Acosta astir however Trump acceptable a monolithic ineligible trap for himself with his suit against Facebook, Twitter, and Google

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 11, 2021

Dean told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “Well, helium knows — helium should know each the lawsuits he’s brought, adjacent though he’s not an attorney that erstwhile you’re a plaintiff, you voluntarily put yourself successful play for a deposition truthful that’s why, obviously, that question was asked, and he’s ever said I’m willing to springiness a deposition, just similar he’s ever said I’m going to crook implicit my tax returns erstwhile the audit is finished. He’ll person an excuse for this. So I deliberation what the large tech should bash is conscionable not determination to dismiss volition beryllium the mean new but alternatively prosecute him due to the fact that he’s going to suffer connected the merits. Seriously suffer connected the merits.”

Trump Publicity Stunt Lawsuit Could Blow Up In His Face

The deposition successful the suit could person wide-ranging consequences for Trump that spell acold beyond his Twitter and Facebook. For instance, if Trump was deposed and asked astir the events of 1/6, helium could supply grounds against himself to some instrumentality enforcement and the House Committee investigating the attack.

Trump is hopeless for cash, relevance, and to person his Twitter relationship back. His suit should beryllium viewed arsenic the enactment of a hopeless antheral who is moving retired of options.

The Trump governmental marque is adjacent much battered and hamstrung than it was earlier helium near office, but his outcry for attraction whitethorn extremity up blowing up successful his look and mounting the signifier for overmuch much superior ineligible problems.

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