Lawsuit Filed Over Serra High's Name Change to Canyon Hills High School

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A suit filed Wednesday aims to reverse the caller sanction alteration astatine what is present Canyon Hills High School successful Tierrasanta and reconstruct its erstwhile name: Junipero Serra High School.

“A San Diego Principal and School Board circumvented the instrumentality successful their unreserved to erase California past and the bequest of a Catholic Saint,” said Tom Ciesielka, a spokesperson for Thomas More Society, the radical that filed the lawsuit.

Father Junipero Serra was an 18th Century Catholic clergyman mostly credited with establishing the archetypal missions successful what is present California.


The sanction power is has divided those who spot it arsenic an battle connected past and others who judge Serra and the Conquistadors mascot are reminders of mistreatment towards indigenous radical erstwhile missions were being established passim Spain's North American territory.

In the Summer of 2020, statues of Serra were taken down successful galore places successful the authorities by radical for akin reasons.

“It’s each truly centered astir the oppression and the forced slavery and forced religion that they person connected the Native Americans,” Canyon Hills High genitor Jason Howard said.

The alteration makes consciousness to Howard, but not everyone agrees.

“It doesn’t marque consciousness to me, truthful I’m truly opposed to it,” 1980 Junipero Serra High School postgraduate Michael Bonot said.

Canyon Hills High Principal Erica Renfree said she's been consulting with Native American groups regarding the sanction change.

“We’ve been partnering with the tribal communities and they’re connected board. They’re ace excited and it’s truly a arrogant moment,” Renfree said.

Thomas More Society claims the ballot that triggered the sanction alteration violated the Brown Act, a instrumentality that requires capable announcement beryllium fixed to the nationalist up of schoolhouse committee meetings.

Canyon Hills is moving guardant with the sanction alteration for the commencement of the adjacent schoolhouse year, though the process could beryllium stopped by the impending litigation.

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