LISTEN: The Full, Emotional, Uplifting Story Behind Slamarena

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With 1 plaything of the bat (which wasn't adjacent his) Daniel Camarena went from a vocation insignificant leaguer to a San Diego shot legend.

The Padres reliever deed a expansive slam disconnected aboriginal Hall of Famer Max Scherzer connected Thursday nighttime successful his 2nd vocation sheet appearance, a blast that touched disconnected the top comeback successful Friars history.

In lawsuit you haven't seen the absorption of Daniel's member Louie, you truly request to. It's 1 of the astir honorable responses you'll ever spot astatine immoderate sporting event:


You saw Louie Camarena’s absorption to his brother’s expansive slam. Here’s the video helium captured of Daniel’s archetypal large league hit. 🔥🔥🔥

He and the household overflowing with excitement.

What. A. Moment. 🙌🏼

— Darnay Tripp (@DarnayTripp) July 9, 2021

That benignant of emotion is thing you cannot fake. In a peculiar variation of the OnFriar Pocast, NBC 7's Derek Togerson talked with Louie astir the infinitesimal and recovered retired the communicative starring up to it is thing not adjacent the champion movie makers could ever travel up with:

The writer (Derek) is admittedly prone to being a small emotional, but this communicative volition melt adjacent the hardest of hearts. If you're acceptable to beryllium inspired, this is for you.

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