Million’s price doubles in 24 hours: where to buy TechLead’s MM

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YouTuber TechLead’s precise ain cryptocurrency, Million (MM), is flying connected conscionable its 2nd time of existence. Here’s wherever to get your hands connected MM coins.

Although it whitethorn look similar conscionable different cryptocurrency launched by an influencer to marque a speedy buck, TechLead’s Million (MM) whitethorn person a small spot much to it than that. The YouTuber, whose existent sanction is Patrick Shyu, formerly worked successful tech for some Google and Facebook earlier becoming a contented creator. He has present enactment his tech skills backmost to work, creating a caller coin with an absorbing angle.

Read connected to larn much astir Shyu and his coin, arsenic good arsenic uncovering retired however and wherever to bargain Million (MM).

How & wherever to bargain Million successful the UK and elsewhere

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Who is TechLead and what is Million (MM)?

TechLead (real sanction Patrick Shyu) is an ex-Google and ex-Facebook worker who hung up his coding boots to go a YouTuber. He often recounts tales of the interior workings of these mega-corporations, speaking connected institution civilization arsenic good arsenic his ain vocation progression. He has a loyal assemblage of implicit 1.1 cardinal subscribers and is 1 of the fastest-growing channels connected YouTube.

Shyu has created a cryptocurrency, Million, that was officially launched yesterday. Unlike the crypto projects of galore influencers, which often look to beryllium scams oregon “pump and dump” schemes, Shyu’s task has a unsocial plan and arguably feels much morganatic arsenic a result.

The coin has a fixed proviso of 1,000,000 tokens, and the terms is designed to ne'er driblet beneath $1. Shyu has allegedly invested much than $600,000 of his ain wealth into the project, arsenic good arsenic providing liquidity connected DEXs. This operation of a unsocial diagnostic and Shyu’s tegument successful the crippled suggest that Million could good beryllium a palmy project.

Should I bargain MM today?

Million (MM) is presently trading astatine astir $151.23. Within the past day, it has seen lows of $79 and highs of $229, demonstrating precocious volatility. It has accrued successful terms by astir 100% successful conscionable the past 24 hours, arsenic good arsenic by much than 1,000% since it archetypal deed the marketplace yesterday.

If TechLead’s dedicated assemblage and the coin’s terms show truthful acold are thing to spell by, past Million could beryllium a raging occurrence successful the crypto markets this summer.

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