Nationwide CrossFit Workout Day Honors Fallen Military Hero

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To honor the sacrifice of fallen military heroes like the namesake of Travis Manion Foundation (TMF), Marine 1st Lt. Travis Manion, numerous CrossFit gyms and rock clubs across the country will be hosting the sixth annual "Manion WOD" (Workout of the Day). Workouts will take place the weekend of May 1st and 2nd, consisting of a 400-meter run (or ruck) and 29 back squats, for 7 rounds; representing 4/29/07 - the date Marine 1st Lt. Travis Manion was killed while saving his wounded comrades in Iraq. 

CrossFit Foundation has supported Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) and its mission for several years, which will now include the opening of an affiliate named "CrossFit Manion" which will operate in a collaborative space to connect and serve the veteran population. The gym will be located inside the Combined Arms Transition Center in Houston, TX -- a place for veterans to get connected to free resources, collaborate, and be a part of a veteran community. This gym will be absolutely no cost for veterans to become members, as the intent is to give veterans an opportunity to find connection with one another and maintain their physical health after separating from the military.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, gyms and ruck clubs are taking precautions to keep participants safe. People who are interested in participating in Manion WOD but do not live near an event or who may not feel comfortable attending in person will have the opportunity to sign up as a virtual participant here. 

Last year, 130 gyms and ruck clubs hosted Manion WOD workouts with nearly 1,300 participants nationwide. These events raised over $50,000 towards TMF veteran initiatives such as service and leadership expeditions, veteran-empowerment programs, and character development courses. A promotional video explaining the Manion WOD can also be found here. 

"I'm honored that CrossFit gyms across the country will recognize the sacrifice my brother Travis made 14 years ago. Travis' story exemplifies the service and sacrifice of this generation's military heroes, and I'm continually moved year after year to see how the CrossFit community pays homage to those who've made the ultimate sacrifice in protection of our freedom," said Ryan Manion, President of Travis Manion Foundation.

About Travis Manion Foundation: TMF unites communities to strengthen America's national character by empowering veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop and lead future generations. In 2007, 1st Lt. Travis Manion (USMC) was killed in Iraq while saving his wounded teammates. Today, Travis' legacy lives on in the words he spoke before leaving for his final deployment, "If Not Me, Then Who..." The story of 1st Lt. Travis Manion and his Naval Academy brother Lt. (SEAL) Brendan Looney have been publicized in the book Brothers Forever, and additional information about the Foundation can be found at

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