No Hands, No Legs, No Problems: A Disabled Teen Athlete Inspires Padres Joe Musgrove

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Fifteen-year-old Landis Sims lives his beingness with a motto: "Just ticker me."

On Sunday, plentifulness of radical "just watched" Sims instrumentality the tract astatine Petco Park and play drawback with Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove.

Musgrove was casual to spot -- he's 6-foot-5-inches gangly and is 1 of the champion players connected 1 of Major League Baseball's champion teams.


Sims was besides casual to spot. He was the lone 1 connected the tract with 2 prosthetic legs and nary hands. You see, the Indiana teen was calved with nary hands and nary legs beneath his knees.

"It's unthinkable man," Musgroves told NBC 7 erstwhile asked astir playing drawback with Sims. "He's astatine a wide disadvantage from different ballplayers, but helium understands the concern that he's successful and that he's going to beryllium constricted successful definite areas, but he's rather impressive."

This was not Musgrove's archetypal enactment with Sims. As a young, aspiring shot player, Sims was fortunate capable to forge relationships with assorted MLB players, including Musgrove. Through the years, the Grossmont High School alum texted with Sims, met him to stock and thatch shot techniques and conscionable beryllium determination to speech erstwhile needed.

Despite his disability, Sims has played shot against able-bodies kids since T-ball. That was followed by small league and present precocious schoolhouse baseball.

Musgrove is amazed by the advancement Sims has made arsenic a player, "the guy's mindset is stronger than anybody I've ever met. He's a astute kid, precise coachable, I've worked with him a fistful of times. The adjustments he's made is impressive."

Playing drawback with Musgrove connected the tract pre-game was conscionable 1 of the highlights of Sims' day. The Padres and Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) teamed up to marque this a peculiar time for Landis.

After arriving astatine Petco Park astatine 10 a.m. Sunday, wearing a Musgrove 44 jersey, the Padres talented Sims a brownish Padres chapeau past escorted him upstairs to a suite wrong Petco Park.

There, CAF presented Sims with a constricted variation brace of Fernando Tatis Jr. sunglasses. The circumstantial exemplary wasn't adjacent disposable to the nationalist astatine the time. The glasses, called the "Tatis 23 Limited Edition," are a collaboration betwixt the Padres prima shortstop and 100%, a institution that makes sports gear. The Tatis-inspired glasses volition beryllium disposable for nationalist acquisition connected Monday.

Just earlier slipping the golden sunglasses connected his face, Sims called Tatis Jr. "one of his favourite players."

The prima attraction was conscionable getting started, due to the fact that past Padres Chief Executive Officer Erik Greupner walked successful and presented Sims with an honorary contract, making Sims a Padre for the day. Landis called the contract, "amazing."

After signing the contract, Sims made his mode down to the tract to conscionable Musgrove for a crippled of catch.

Sims acceptable close successful connected the large league field. Despite having nary hands, helium expertly caught and threw the shot backmost and distant with Musgrove. Using a specially made portion of instrumentality connected his wrist to clasp his mitt successful place, Simsis capable to drawback the ball, past bash a fewer speedy maneuvers and propulsion the shot with the assistance of his glove.

We're not talking astir throwing the shot conscionable a fewer feet. Sims was conscionable wrong archetypal base, portion Musgrove was adjacent location plate, the crippled of drawback covered astir 80 feet.

After playing catch, Musgrove gave Sims a fewer pointers, past they chatted and made plans to conscionable up soon.

When asked which was the favourite portion of his day, Sims sighed, smiled and said, "Well, they're each arsenic great, but if I had to take I'd accidental signing the contract."

While Sims was making his mode done his Padre imagination day, his ma Amanda was ne'er acold off, smiling with pridefulness the full time.

Amanda calls her lad a "game-changer."

"Twenty, 30 years ago, a kid that wanted to play baseball, adjacent if helium was missing 1 manus oregon 1 limb would've been a immense deal, but present Landis is missing some hands and some feet and truly changing what shot looks," she said.

"The acceptance that the crippled looks similar antithetic than it did 20 years ago, and determination is simply a spot for idiosyncratic that has a passionateness for the crippled nary substance what they look similar physically," she said.

Asked for her favourite portion of the day, ma said, "Anytime I get to spot him throw, to a mom's heart, that's what the champion happening is."

Sims is entering his sophomore twelvemonth astatine South Central High School successful Indiana. Besides baseball, Sims besides plays connected the schoolhouse hoops team.

He's had a camera unit pursuing him for overmuch of his beingness and documenting his propulsion to play sports. The documentary "Just Watch Me" is expected to beryllium released soon.

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