Regulations on Investor Protection

The Impact of Financial Regulations on Investor Protection

The Crucial Role of Financial Regulations in Safeguarding Investors and Ensuring Market Stability Financial markets are the lifeblood of modern economies, facilitating the flow of capital, enabling businesses to raise funds, and offering individuals opportunities to invest and grow their wealth. However, without proper oversight and regulation, these markets can become breeding grounds for fraud,…

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Eve-Sense Announces the Release of New Game “Little Pet Raising – ALife” on Apple Watch

Eve-Sense Inc. (Headquarters: Sumida, Tokyo; CEO: Kosuke Shimizu, hereinafter “our company”) is proud to announce the launch of Little Pet Raising – ALife. Approximately two months after the release of the Apple Watch Ultra 2, we are about to release a novel application. The game, titled “Little Pet Raising – ALife,” will be released simultaneously in…

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