Payten fumes over controversial no-call in loss

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Cowboys manager Todd Payten admits a "different shot game" could've occurred contiguous if South Sydney's Liam Knight had been penalised for his precocious changeable connected Tom Dearden.

Despite scoring the opening 2 tries of the match, North Queensland contiguous were blown disconnected the parkland by South Sydney successful a 46-18 decision successful Newcastle.

While the Cowboys allowed South Sydney to people 8 consecutive tries during the match, the half-time shortage was lone 10 points, with the lucifer inactive successful the balance.

Just 3 minutes into the 2nd 40 minutes, Cowboys young weapon Heilum Luki was sin-binned and reported for a precocious changeable connected Peter Mamouzelos, which yet proved excessively overmuch to flooded for the Cowboys who had to play a antheral down portion trailing.

But the 2nd fractional could've looked overmuch antithetic had referee Matt Cecchin penalised Knight, who conscionable moments earlier Luki's incident, landed a precocious changeable connected Dearden which contempt going unnoticed astatine the time, was placed connected study not agelong after.

Liam Knight successful strife for deed Tom Dearden (Nine)

Payten aft the lucifer said Knight's precocious changeable connected Dearden wasn't excessively dissimilar to different incidents that he's seen penalised previously.

"I saw the referee constituent astatine it... I've seen it penalised before," Payten told reporters.

"The adjacent set, they rotation down the parkland and Heilum (Luki) gets 10 successful the bin.

"If helium penalises that [Dearden incident] it's a antithetic shot game. I'm not saying the effect is immoderate different, but it's a antithetic game."

Asked if a punishment could person been awarded had Dearden remained connected the turf to summation the attraction of the referee, Payten said: "Very possible, yeah, but Tommy's a pugnacious small rival which is what I similar astir him."

With North Queensland suffering their fourth-straight defeat, Payten didn't clasp backmost erstwhile helium questioned the maturity of his broadside to support their heads up during the "tough parts of the game".

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"It's precise akin to the past mates of games, wherever we enactment ourselves nether pressure," helium said.

"We made a mistake astatine the 25th-minute people - mediocre pass, driblet shot and past compound that by not defending our line.

"We're an immature squad astatine the moment. Just not consenting to wage the terms successful the pugnacious parts of the crippled for agelong enough."

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