Person Shot at Storage Facility in Lakeside, Suspect Sought: SDSO

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Police are looking for a fishy who changeable a idiosyncratic astatine a retention installation successful Lakeside Wednesday afternoon, the San Diego Sheriff's Department said.

The shooting was reported astatine astir 2 p.m. connected 13670 Hwy 8 Business astatine the retention installation named Lock and Hold Storage.

"I conscionable happened to perceive the screeching of the constabulary cars... and past 8 bull cars came from each directions and an ambulance and a occurrence motortruck followed thereafter," said Lila Hogart, a manager of a adjacent business.


No accusation was released connected the information of the unfortunate oregon a fishy description.

SDSO deputies are astatine the country investigating.

No different accusation was available.

Please refresh this leafage for updates connected this story. Details whitethorn alteration arsenic much accusation becomes available.

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