Persona 6 Confirmed, "To Create A 6 Which Exceeds 5"

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Earlier today, we reported that Atlus revealed an updated Persona website teasing galore franchise-related projects successful the works. It looks similar 1 of those is simply a present confirmed Persona 6, an introduction that the institution wants to spot transcend what was accomplished with the erstwhile entry. 

The Persona 6 confirmation is acknowledgment to an official recruitment page that Atlus Japan uses. This tract includes interviews held with a assortment of Atlus employees to get a consciousness for what the civilization was similar astatine the institution and much astir upcoming projects. It was during these interviews that the confirmation that Persona 6 is successful improvement was found. 

According to Atlus manager Naoto Hiraoka, the imaginativeness for Persona 6 is not a tiny 1 and 1 that can't beryllium realized with the existent staff. That is the thrust down the recruitment ad, to garner for endowment to marque this the crippled that they privation to deliver. "

"Thanks to a ample magnitude of enactment we received for Persona 5, we person gotten a consciousness of accomplishment," said Hiraoka. "But we can’t halt there. When we created Persona 4, determination was the unit that it had to exceed Persona 3. Now, we volition person to make a 6 which exceeds 5. However, exceeding 5 will beryllium hard with the existent staff. I would similar to surpass this gangly hurdle with everyone who joins america successful this recruitment. The workplace is cleanable for those who privation a originative situation erstwhile it comes to bringing games to the world.”

How acold on successful the improvement process Persona 6 is, oregon adjacent if it is presently successful progressive development, remains to beryllium seen. But with the caller teasers made by the company, it looks similar we whitethorn beryllium learning much astir what's adjacent for the Persona franchise precise soon. 

What bash you anticipation to spot from Persona 6 going forward? With however Persona 5 ended, thing goes, truthful what would you similar adjacent for your JRPG experience? Shout retired those thoughts large and arrogant successful the remark conception below! 

[Source: Persona Central]

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