Personal data compromises up 38%, according to new cybersecurity report

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The study parses retired information by industry. Overall, healthcare topped the list, followed by fiscal services and manufacturing and utilities.


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Cybersecurity has been a premier taxable of speech pursuing a drawstring of attacks connected captious U.S. infrastructure including the Colonial Pipeline attack, JBS Foods ransomware incident and others. On Wednesday, Atlas VPN released a study utilizing Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) data, outlining personal information breaches for the archetypal fractional of 2021

"Millions of individuals and organizations are affected each time by cyberattacks that endanger to bargain delicate data. Even though much radical person go alert of cyber risks, hackers make caller techniques and malware to enactment up of defence technologies," reads a information of the blog station written by William S., an Atlas VPN steadfast and cybersecurity researcher.

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2021 information compromises by the numbers

One of the listed infographics parses retired information by the full fig of information compromises and affected individuals for the archetypal fractional of this year. Overall, June saw the highest fig of breaches with 203, followed by April (151), March (144) and May (137). In order, February and January rounded retired the apical six with 111 and 100 compromises, respectively.

Interestingly, the fig of compromises does not ever straight correlate with the fig of individuals affected. For example, February topped the database for the archetypal fractional of 2021 with 35,313,405 radical impacted followed by April (25,443,298) and March (23,309,513). In order, May (20,657,152), January (7,214,985) and June (6,750,974) circular retired the apical six months successful presumption of astir radical affected.

"The astir fashionable onslaught vectors successful the 2nd 4th were phishing, ransomware, oregon malware cyberattacks. Also, determination was a noticeable summation successful proviso concatenation attacks, the astir caller 1 being connected information bundle supplier Kaseya," William S. said successful the post.

Data compromises by manufacture

Another Atlas VPN infographic parses retired industry-specific information to item the fig of compromises by sector. Between the archetypal and 2nd quarters of 2021, idiosyncratic information compromises surged 38% with fiscal services and healthcare topping this database arsenic "the astir targeted sectors" arsenic cybercriminals "can payment from stolen information oregon a paid ransom," the blog station said.

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Overall, healthcare topped the database with 162 compromises followed by fiscal services (132) and manufacturing and utilities (98). The blog station said that manufacturing and inferior cyberattacks person "recently been increasing owed to much companies utilizing much automation and Internet-of-Things technologies crossed the accumulation chain," noting that "computerization led to hackers having much entree points wherever they tin find vulnerabilities to interrupt concern processes."

In order, nonrecreational services (75) and acquisition (57) circular retired the apical 5 sectors successful presumption of the fig of compromises by industry.

Within the nonrecreational services sector, the blog station said the "primary origin for attacks is that specified businesses usually person entree to confidential and delicate lawsuit information." The writer noted that this "data has large value," for cybercriminals, and if this accusation were to beryllium leaked, this could "cause disastrous fiscal nonaccomplishment and reputational damage."

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