Prosecutors Want to Try Teen Girl As Adult in Death of Uber Driver

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What to Know

  • Uber operator Raquel Spohn Wehber, 58, was stabbed to decease by a teenage rider aft a thrust successful San Diego's National City assemblage connected July 6, 2021
  • The teen -- covered successful humor -- ran distant from the country but witnesses led officers to her and she was arrested
  • Uber said the thrust from the unfortunate had been requested by an big with an Uber account

The teenage miss accused of the deadly stabbing of an Uber operator earlier this week successful National City was arranged Friday connected 2 felony counts -- execution and torture -- some of which transportation allegations of the idiosyncratic usage of a deadly weapon.

Through her attorney, the 17-year-old fishy entered a plea of not blameworthy successful juvenile court.

Also connected Friday, authoritative Cherie Somerville told NBC 7 that the territory attorney's bureau volition beryllium asking Superior Court Judge España to determination the lawsuit to big court, but that undertaking volition instrumentality clip and the determination connected whether that happens volition beryllium made by España.


The 17-year-old accused of sidesplitting an Uber operator earlier this week pleaded was successful juvenile tribunal connected Friday morning.

Asked astir details regarding the torture charge, Somerville said that she could not spell into the facts of the case.

The arraignment successful juvenile tribunal was held virtually aboriginal connected Friday, with the teleconference successful English with a translation disposable for Spanish speakers.

The teenage miss suspected successful the killing, who was a rider successful the car, volition beryllium arraigned successful juvenile tribunal connected Friday, reports NBC 7's Rory Devine.

The arraignment was procedural, with the suspect's lawyer telling the tribunal her lawsuit had been advised of her rights and the consequences she could face.

In summation to attorneys and Judge Espana, the suspect's parents and the victim's hubby were besides listening successful connected the teleconference.

The miss is accused of sidesplitting 58-year-old Raquel Spohn Wehber, who was dropping disconnected a rider astatine Lanoitan Avenue adjacent 18th Street connected Tuesday afternoon. Spohn Wehber was stabbed aggregate times and died astatine the scene.

Witnesses were capable to alert officers astir a pistillate seen moving from the car. Investigators were capable to travel a way of humor to a adjacent mobile home, wherever the teenage miss was arrested and past booked for suspected murder.

A memorial with flowers, candles and a photograph of Spohn Wehber has been acceptable up astatine the site. Spohn Wehber, who lived successful Tijuana, was a joined grandma and the parent of 2 daughters.

NBC 7's Mark Mullen has the latest details connected the pistillate Uber operator that was fatally stabbed Tuesday.

"It's an outrage, that's what radical …," said Beatrice Garcia, who is besides an Uber operator and was a person of Spohn Wehber's. "I mean it wasn't 1 stab, it was aggregate stabs, and I don't cognize what happened, but immoderate happened, she didn't merit to dice that way."

Judge Espana ruled that, fixed the quality of the allegations, the fishy volition stay successful juvenile hall. The miss is owed backmost successful tribunal connected July 20 for a readiness hearing.

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