Registrar of Voters Hiring for Upcoming Recall Election

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The San Diego Registrar of Voters is looking for temporary site managers to run in-person voting locations astir San Diego for the California Gubernatorial Recall Election connected Sept. 14. 

Site managers volition oversee the operations of in-person voting locations. They volition bid and supervise the predetermination unit portion providing services to the divers San Diego voter population.

The Registrar’s bureau is hiring these predetermination workers alternatively of the emblematic unpaid canvass workers due to the fact that grooming is much extended owed to the extended voting period.


In-person voting locations during the upcoming predetermination volition beryllium unfastened for 4 days alternatively than 1 day.

Managers volition gain $20 per hr and enactment astir 125 hours implicit a five-week period.

They volition enactment up to 3 days a week during the pre-election weeks wherever they volition be grooming sessions to larn procedures, tasks and responsibilities.

The Registrar’s bureau is moving with Public Health Services to guarantee the wellness and information of predetermination workers and voters.

Recommended idiosyncratic protective instrumentality and sanitation supplies volition beryllium provided truthful workers tin behaviour the predetermination process safely.

English speakers who are bilingual successful Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese and/or Chinese are successful high-demand for this position. If you are fluent successful 1 of these languages, beryllium definite to bespeak it connected your application.

Think you are a bully fit? You tin capable retired an application here.

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