Rep. Madison Cawthorn Loses It And Claims Biden Is Secretly Confiscating Bibles And Guns

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An illustration of the Republican Party’s corporate intelligence instability is Rep. Madison Cawthorn claiming that is secretly going to doorway to doorway confiscating Bibles and guns.


Madison Cawthorn says contiguous that Biden’s program to nonstop radical doorway to doorway to connection vaccines is truly a crippled to confiscate people’s bibles and guns.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) July 9, 2021

Cawthorn said, “And present helium starting to speech astir going doorway to doorway to instrumentality vaccines to the people. Think astir the mechanisms they would person to physique to execute that monolithic of a thing, and past deliberation astir what those mechanisms could beryllium utilized for. They could past spell doorway to doorway to instrumentality your guns. They could past spell doorway to doorway to instrumentality your Bibles.”

Biden is simply a devout Catholic who goes to religion much often than Rep. Cawthorn, truthful the likelihood of Joe Biden taking distant anyone’s Bibles is precisely zero, which is besides the aforesaid fig of weapon confiscation bills that Biden has suggested.

As Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said, the Republican Party is becoming insane. The authorities is not going to beryllium going doorway to doorway to get radical vaccinated. Community leaders and section officials volition beryllium going doorway to door.

No Federal Government Officials Will Be Going Door To Door

Biden is proposing a assemblage outreach program, which volition impact section officials encouraging radical to get vaccinated. It is not spying oregon a information postulation operation. It is conscionable radical successful the assemblage encouraging their neighbors to get vaccinated.

Republicans person gotten to the constituent wherever adjacent the tamest suggestions get twisted into acheronian conspiracy theories.

As Biden’s successes continue, Republicans are breaking down into afloat paranoia.

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