Republicans Are Wiping Themselves Out As Delta Variant Surges In Red Areas And GOP

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Growing grounds suggests that the Delta variant of COVID 19 is hitting reddish areas and Republicans who garbage to get vaccinated hardest.

CBS News reported, “The Delta variant present accounts for much than fractional of the caller coronavirus cases successful the United States —52%. Almost each of the caller cases — 99.7% —are among radical who person not been vaccinated…The effort comes arsenic cases are rising successful 26 states. Hospitalization rates are up successful 17 states — 27% successful Florida, astir exclusively among the unvaccinated. ”

States similar Florida, Mississippi, Utah, and Kentucky are already being deed hard. All of those states voted for Donald Trump.

The Vaccination Rate In Counties That Trump Won Is 35%

The Kaiser Family Foundation recovered that the vaccination spread betwixt counties that Biden won and counties that Trump won is growing, “While the stock of the full colonisation that is afloat vaccinated has accrued for some region groups, it has accrued faster successful counties that voted for Biden, resulting successful a widening gap. Three months ago, arsenic of April 22, the mean vaccination complaint successful counties that voted for Trump was 20.6% compared to 22.8% successful Biden counties, yielding a comparatively tiny spread of 2.2 percent points. By May 11, the spread had accrued to 6.5% and by July 6, 11.7%, with the mean vaccination complaint successful Trump counties astatine 35% compared to 46.7% successful Biden counties. ”

Republicans Are Stopping Biden By Not Getting Vaccinated. They Are Wiping Themselves Out

The Republican refusal to get vaccinated is not going to politically halt President Biden oregon enactment Donald Trump backmost into office. If anything, an ongoing pandemic situation volition springiness Biden adjacent much information to propulsion for the implementation of his agenda.

When Republicans cheer for not getting vaccinated, they are rooting for much decease among their own.  Donald Trump sowed these seeds with his COVID disinformation, and the Delta variant is poised to hitch retired Republicans who person chosen to perceive to Trump alternatively of science.

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