Rogan slammed over 'pathetic' Conor outburst

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Conor McGregor's manager has slammed commentator Joe Rogan for interviewing the UFC prima moments aft his antithetic decision to Dustin Poirier.

John Kavanagh besides seemed to blasted the interrogation for McGregor's inappropriate, heat-of-the-moment comments astir Poirier's wife, Jolie.

Poirier bushed McGregor successful their 3rd gathering yesterday astatine UFC 264, earning triumph by doctor's stoppage erstwhile McGregor was incapable to statesman the 2nd circular owed to a breached leg.

Conor McGregor of Ireland is interviewed by Joe Rogan aft his nonaccomplishment to Dustin Poirier (Getty)

The gruesome wounded near McGregor incapable to basal aft the combat ended prematurely, and arsenic helium sat connected the canvas with his limb visibly floppy adjacent the ankle, Rogan sat beside the furious Irishman for his reaction.

"I was boxing the bleeding caput disconnected him, kicking the bleeding limb disconnected him," an affectional McGregor said.

"This is not over. If I person to instrumentality this connected with him outside, I don't springiness a bollocks."

McGregor loses aft nasty ankle break

"There was nary cheque - not 1 of them checked," McGregor said defiantly astir Poirier's assertion helium had caused the breached limb successful the fight, earlier the erstwhile 'champ, champ' issued immoderate idiosyncratic trash talk.

"Your woman is successful my DMs!" McGregor yelled astatine Poirier.

"Hey baby, deed maine backmost up and I'll chat to you aboriginal on. We'll beryllium having an aft enactment astatine the Wynn nightclub baby."

McGregor's brash verbal assaults are thing caller but his comments astir Poirier's woman were not good received by the MMA community.

Kavanaugh deed retired astatine Rogan for pushing an interrogation portion McGregor was inactive processing the achy defeat.

"His ft is virtually hanging down. It's a cleanable fracture of the fibula and tibia, it went consecutive through, the foot's hanging down," Kavanagh told Wimp2Warrior.

"You tin lone ideate the unreserved of hormones and what's going connected successful your body, the pain, it was connected fire. And past idiosyncratic sits down and sticks a microphone successful your face. 'How are you feeling astir the end?'

"Come on. Come on! When has helium ever not been graceful astatine the end?

"Let's get backstage, let's get a due appraisal from a doctor. Let's get an X-ray.

"So I was beauteous miffed astatine the thought of sticking a microphone successful his look astatine that point."

McGregor had to beryllium stretchered disconnected retired of the octagon, and underwent country this morning. It was the archetypal back-to-back nonaccomplishment successful McGregor's UFC career.

In the aftermath of the fight, Poirier's woman was spotted flipping the vertebrate to McGregor successful effect to the trash talk.

Speaking to Rogan aft having his manus raised successful the octagon, Poirier expressed his disappointment astatine the idiosyncratic attacks McGregor persisted with.

"There's nary holds barred connected the trash talk. But execution is thing you don't clown astir on. There's nary coming backmost from that," Poirier said.

"This feline was saying he's going to execution me, [saying] I'm going to permission present successful a coffin. You don't speech similar that to radical man. I anticipation this feline gets location harmless to his beauteous family."

McGregor loses by a Doctor's stoppage successful UFC 264 (Getty)

Poirier besides accused McGregor of dodgy tactics successful the fight.

"Takedown was easy. He was putting his fingers successful my mitt and pulling maine down to propulsion the up-kicks," helium said.

"I was trying to fto [referee] Herb [Dean] cognize that. This feline is simply a dirtbag.

"Everybody booing, you tin buss my full a--hole. Karma is not a b---h, it's a mirror. I bushed the guy."

Poirier and McGregor some expressed involvement successful warring each different again to settee their present precise idiosyncratic rivalry too.

"We are going to combat again, whether it's successful the octagon oregon the sidewalk," Poirier said successful his post-fight property conference.

"You don't accidental the worldly helium said."

UFC president Dana White besides flagged a 4th showdown was connected the cards.

"The combat didn't get finished. You can't person a combat decorativeness that way. We'll spot however this full happening plays out. Who knows however agelong Conor's out. Poirier volition bash his happening until Conor's ready," White said.

Kavanaugh said McGregor was apt to instrumentality to the octagon and that helium inactive had plentifulness much foodstuff successful the vessel contempt being monstered successful the archetypal circular by Poirier.

"Conor had nary marks, nary bruises, swelling, cuts, thing similar that. So astir of it was parried, but for definite that was Dustin's moment," Kavanagh said.

"So each and each up until that point, let's accidental 4 and a fractional minutes, I wasn't acrophobic astatine all, I was really really, truly happy.

Conor McGregor suffered a breached limb against Dustin Poirier (Getty)

"At the four-and-a-half infinitesimal mark, everything's gravy. Energy looked good, method looked good. A fewer adjustments betwixt rounds and I thought we were connected way to getting a decorativeness determination oregon astatine slightest support going, support the bushed going for the remainder of the fight.

"He genuinely loves this and it's hard to ideate him not wanting to travel back, not wanting to bash this again. Because we truly conscionable got this fantastic rhythm," Kavanaugh said.

"He's turning 33, which to maine is simply a peaking clip wherever spot meets conditioning and intelligence and carnal and spiritual maturity, everything's coming together. I deliberation we person a mates of years of this up of us.

"Credit to Dustin. He won. It's an unfulfilling extremity to the night.

"It doesn't consciousness decently finished. (There was no) closure."

McGregor's manager revealed that it's imaginable an existing ankle wounded successful campy whitethorn person contributed to the breached limb successful the fight.

"We'd gotten a scan connected it. Did that person a tiny portion to play successful weakening it? I don't know," Kavanagh said.

"There mightiness person been thing successful there. It seems antithetic that a young, healthy, acceptable antheral tin wrapper his ft astir an elbow without determination being thing determination before. But you know, you tin play those guessing games each time long."

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