RV, Outbuilding Destroyed in Brush Fire Near Valley Center

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A vegetation occurrence sparked Monday successful a mountainous country northbound of Valley Center and burned an RV earlier firefighters halted its dispersed astatine 3 acres, Cal Fire San Diego said.

The brushwood occurrence started conscionable earlier 4 p.m. respective miles northbound of Valley Center's metropolis halfway adjacent San Gabriel Way westbound of Lilac Road.

Several callers told the San Diego County Sherriff's Department that the wildfire was burning thenar trees successful the country and was adjacent astatine slightest 1 home.


The occurrence was slow-moving, and firefighters did not expect the occurrence to get retired of power but was acrophobic that it was burning adjacent structures and powerfulness lines, a spokesperson for Cal Fire said.

One RV and 1 outhouse were destroyed earlier crews could halt the fire's dispersed astatine 3 acres, Cal Fire said.

Firefighters were expected to enactment astatine the country for respective much hours to summation containment connected the blaze and to guarantee nary blistery spots flared up.

No injuries were reported.

No different accusation was instantly available.

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