Salesforce launches Trusted Reviews and Chat to enhance AppExchange

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The institution besides outlined a bid of ecosystem presumption levels for reviewers to bespeak their level of "expertise."


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On Wednesday, Salesforce launched Trusted Reviews and AppExchange Chat to heighten the wide marketplace experience. The institution besides outlined a bid of ecosystem statuses for reviewers to bespeak their level of "expertise."

"Customer expectations for work person changed successful our post-pandemic world—and AppExchange is innovating to conscionable these expectations by enabling customers to link directly, successful existent time, with partners," said Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange successful a property release. "In addition, with Trusted Reviews, customers tin beryllium much assured successful their AppExchange instal decisions."

AppExchange Chat

In a property merchandise astir the launches, Salesforce said Trusted Reviews and AppExchange Chat would marque it "even easier for customers to link with partners straight and to marque smarter concern decisions" without leaving a circumstantial AppExchange partner's listing. With these caller capabilities, AppExchange partners are capable to see Chat capabilities connected their listings to "make amended informed concern decisions successful real-time" and "chat with existent spouse experts and get questions answered without leaving" the marketplace, according to Salesforce.


Image: Salesforce

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On the AppExchange Chat postulation webpage, customers are capable to place chat-enabled solutions, and this presently features much than two-dozen apps from "chat aviator partners" specified arsenic Qualified, Vonage, Natterbox, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, OwnBackup, Copado and Conga, the merchandise said.

AppExchange Chat is disposable to consulting partners and ISV and the solutions screen a fig of categories ranging from collaboration and productivity to information absorption and analytics to concern and accounting, per the release.

AppExchange Trusted Reviews

Customer reviews are cardinal to a fig of marketplaces and applications from Amazon to Yelp, allowing radical to supply feedback astir merchandise services and sellers to assistance different users marque informed decisions arsenic they store around.

"Choosing the close solution for circumstantial concern needs tin beryllium tricky—especially with thousands of apps and advisor listings available. AppExchange Trusted Reviews tin assistance customers prime solutions with assurance done displaying a reviewer's ecosystem status—indicating their Salesforce expertise," the merchandise said.

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Image: Salesforce

The Trusted Reviews ecosystem presumption includes 3 levels of indicated Salesforce expertise including Salesforce MVP, Trailhead Ranger and Top Reviewer. Salesforce describes MVPs arsenic "community subordinate who has been officially recognized by Salesforce for their expertise and leadership" and Top Reviewers arsenic "AppExchange assemblage members whose contributions promote speech and assistance others marque informed decisions."

Trailhead Rangers are described arsenic users connected the company's online learning level who person "have developed Salesforce expertise overtime by taking Trailhead courses."

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