San Diego County Public Schools To Follow State Mask Guidance

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There is mounting disorder implicit kids returning backmost to schoolhouse and having to deterioration look masks pursuing Monday's announcement by the California Department of Public Health. On Tuesday CDPH clarified their latest guidance.

In its latest statement, the CDPH said:

"California is focused connected reopening schools safely for in-person learning and is doing truthful successful enactment with guidance from the CDC. As galore of California's schoolhouse facilities can't afloat accommodate carnal distancing, California volition align with the CDC’s guidance connected schoolhouse reopening by layering aggregate different prevention strategies, including:

  • Continued masking guidance: California volition proceed to necessitate that masks beryllium worn indoors successful schoolhouse settings, which besides volition guarantee that each kids are treated the same.
  • Robust investigating program: Every California schoolhouse has entree to escaped investigating done the robust authorities investigating programme for schools."

Mask enforcement volition proceed to beryllium handled by section schools arsenic the authorities recognizes the unsocial needs of each territory and child.


The San Diego County Office of Education said each schools successful San Diego region person to travel guidance signifier the authorities and the county. The region of San Diego has said they're not going to spell beyond what the authorities requires, which is mandatory masks indoors with exemptions and optional masks outdoors.

There are mixed reactions among parents and students astir the updated guidance for the upcoming schoolhouse year. A 4th grader astatine Paradise Hills simple schoolhouse said helium agrees with the guidance.

"You tin consciousness comfy with it and safer, and astatine slightest beryllium adjacent to your household and not interest astir the pandemic astatine all," said Isael Guzman, 10.

On Tuesday, the San Diego Unified School District said it volition "continue to travel measures that person proven effectual successful protecting pupil safety," including facemasks, ventilation, and COVID-19 testing.

"Yesterday, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) published updated rules for K-12 schools that necessitate each students and unit members successful the schoolhouse mounting to deterioration masks erstwhile indoors, careless of an individual's vaccination status.

San Diego Unified is excited to invited backmost students for afloat in-person acquisition successful the caller schoolhouse year. Doing truthful safely means layering aggregate mitigation strategies that we cognize work, specified arsenic vaccines, COVID testing, ventilation, and requiring look masks.

Following much than a twelvemonth of adjacent collaboration with wellness and information experts, San Diego Unified volition proceed to travel measures that person proven effectual successful protecting pupil safety. All territory indoor spaces volition person optimal ventilation, whether from earthy ventilation, heating/air conditioning systems, aerial purifiers with HEPA filters, oregon immoderate operation of these.

The latest CDPH rules intelligibly admit the value of cosmopolitan masking astatine schools, wherever truthful galore students are not yet eligible to person a vaccine. San Diego Unified volition marque each determinations lawsuit by lawsuit regarding immoderate pupil who whitethorn person an inability to deterioration a disguise based connected a determination by schoolhouse wellness and acquisition professionals.

For indoor settings, wherever nary students are contiguous (office buildings wherever determination are nary students; after-hours successful schools), unit members who person shown grounds of vaccination are capable to region their masks."

Testing volition beryllium made disposable arsenic per absorption of the CDC and CDPH, with details to beryllium announced later.

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