San Diego COVID-19 Cases Are Rising; Survey, Research Looks Into Why People Are Still Not Getting Vaccinated

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As COVID-19 cases dilatory emergence successful San Diego County – including an summation successful Delta variant cases – caller probe is looking into wherefore San Diegans inactive are not getting vaccinated.

“We are seeing astir treble the fig of cases that were being reported astir a period ago,” said Dr. Wilma Wooten, County nationalist wellness officer.

The section COVID-19 lawsuit complaint has accrued from 1.9 cases per 100,000 residents connected June 15, to 3.7 currently. The regular number has been astatine oregon supra 200 for the past 7 days, according to a region quality release.


The region has besides released the results of a survey taken betwixt June 13 and June 24.

Residents who accidental they were improbable to get vaccinated were astir acrophobic astir imaginable broadside effects. Another interest was that vaccine improvement was rushed, according to the survey.

NBC 7's Artie Ojeda spoke to San Diegans astir their feelings toward the COVID-19 vaccine.

The region identified 3 absorption areas based connected the survey, including the 140,000 radical who are overdue for their 2nd shots.

The region volition besides absorption connected residents who are hesitant to get the vaccine due to the fact that they consciousness they don’t person capable trusted accusation and those who are vaccine-resistant.

Meanwhile, researchers with San Diego State’s Anthropology Department are portion of a nationalist survey focusing connected number and underserved communities, and wherefore residents would (and would not) get vaccinated.

The researchers are portion of Communivax, funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. A study tin beryllium recovered here.

Researchers interviewed Latinos successful the South Bay – National City, Chula Vista, Sweetwater, Bonita, Imperial Beach, Otay Mesa, and San Ysidro.

“The biggest takeaway is we thin to telephone them vaccine-hesitant. What they person are entree barriers. And these are persisting,” said Corrine McDaniels-Davidson, PhD., Director of the SDSU Institute for Public Health

McDaniels-Davidson said the probe recovered section Latinos are disquieted vaccine broadside effects could perchance forestall them from caring for their children oregon aged loved ones. She shared the communicative of 1 antheral who cares for his aged mother.

“Just the thought of not feeling good for a time oregon 2 stops him from being capable to get the vaccine due to the fact that helium needs to instrumentality her to the bathroom, helium needs to provender her. He needs to bash each of these caretaking responsibilities and there’s conscionable nary 1 other to bash it,” McDaniels-Davidson said.

She said determination are besides entree concerns, and galore are acrophobic to inquire for clip off, fearful they won’t get paid.

The anticipation is that accusation learned from CommuniVax and the region survey tin assistance wellness agencies and providers amended recognize assemblage needs.

The Chicano Federation is 1 of those agencies already reaching retired to the section Latino communities.

“My main extremity is to fto them cognize that I’m present to assistance them. To marque an appointment, to find a spot and to fto them cognize that it’s safe,” said Elizabeth Castro.

Castro is known arsenic a "Promotora", fundamentally a trusted dependable successful the assemblage already moving hard to amended and code concerns radical whitethorn have.

“We connection rides, they connection taking attraction of your baby, oregon young children. They tin assistance you instrumentality attraction of the elder idiosyncratic that you’re taking attraction of. It’s galore ways, the lone cardinal is to inquire us,” Castro said.

There person present been 107 cases of the COVID-19 Delta variant reported successful the region, according to the county.

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