San Diego Restaurants' Outdoor Dining Areas Given More Time to Satisfy Building Codes

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San Diego restaurants volition person much clip to marque definite their outdoor eating sections are up to codification aft the metropolis decided to widen that deadline into Aug. 2.

Walk on immoderate fashionable thoroughfare successful the metropolis and you’ll person a large accidental astatine seeing immoderate of the galore outdoor patios that were built implicit parking spaces and connected streets implicit the past year. Al fresco eating was a lifeline to galore restaurants during the tallness of the pandemic and fortunate for tiny edifice owners, eateries were fixed the OK to make outdoor patios arsenic agelong arsenic they had due licenses.

“It was survival-bility,” Thomas Patterson, manager of North Park edifice The Barn. “All the seats we person indoors, we were capable to enactment retired here. Our bartenders, our cooks, we were capable to support employed and support the concern going.”


Since the opening of the pandemic, the metropolis issued much than 400 permits for businesses to grow their services into parking spaces and sidewalks. It was a important constituent successful helping businesses past since California imposed constricted capableness for indoor services for months owed to the pandemic.

Now, the City of San Diego wants to guarantee those parklets are harmless and fulfill gathering modular codes. Those who bash not conscionable up to codification could perchance look fines and person permits pulled altogether.

Top concerns connected the city's radar see unpermitted structures, propane heaters nether tents and woody ceilings, businesses blocking reddish curbs on the sidewalk and businesses not conforming with their archetypal issued permit.

The occurrence marshal is besides looking for electrical issues, specified arsenic hold cords stretched implicit sidewalks and improperly wired lights, heaters, and adjacent televisions.

The metropolis initially said successful May that staffers would beryllium going doorway to doorway to businesses to pass and amended edifice owners of upcoming codification enforcement. That enforcement began Tuesday to guarantee each violations would beryllium corrected oregon removed.

Keeping the outdoor eating areas arsenic a imperishable fixture is nether consideration, but discussions for that anticipation stay ongoing.

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