SDSU Celebrates Topping Off at New Aztec Stadium

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San Diego State University’s Aztec Stadium is starting to look similar a … stadium.

Construction crews precocious added the alloy operation that forms the precocious vessel of what volition beryllium a 35,000-seat stadium successful Mission Valley.

On Wednesday, SDSU, Clark Construction and the metropolis of San Diego celebrated a topping-off ceremonial with the placement of a ample alloy beam connected apical of the scoreboard successful the confederate endzone.

“It’s happening. It is happening. Look astatine it. Just look astatine it,” a gasping Nikki Clay said arsenic she stood adjacent the 50-yard line. “When you came successful present today, it is simply a stadium!”

Clay is the seat of the school’s Campanile Foundation and a immense protagonist of San Diego State athletics.


“We’re going to beryllium playing shot here,” Clay said with a smile.

“What an astonishing day,” exclaimed SDSU Athletic Director J.D. Wicker.

Wicker said the look successful Mission Valley truly changed recently.

“When the alloy came up, you tin truly spot the gathering and however intimate it’s going to be,” Wicker said. “We wanted to make a stadium that was unsocial to San Diego.”

There are 2 elephantine scoreboards successful the shapes of parallelograms a wide structure with rows of seats sticking retired from the 2nd level and a standing-room-only “pier” that jets retired implicit the stands adjacent the confederate endzone.

“We took our imaginativeness from the coastline,” Wicker said arsenic helium looked retired implicit the stadium. “This volition genuinely beryllium an astonishing gathering successful San Diego.”

Wicker said stadium operation mightiness beryllium a small up of docket and it’s connected budget. He said it volition beryllium acceptable for kickoff Sept. 3, 2022 erstwhile SDSU takes connected Arizona.

Clay can’t wait.

“Oh! I’m astir apt going to beryllium successful tears I’m going to beryllium truthful excited!” Clay said.

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