Simone Biles Withdraws from Vault and Uneven Bars Finals

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After exiting the squad last and idiosyncratic all-around last astatine the Olympics earlier this week, USA Gymnastics has announced she volition retreat from the lawsuit finals for the vault and uneven bars astatine Tokyo.

After further consultation with aesculapian staff, Simone Biles has decided to retreat from the lawsuit finals for vault and the uneven bars. She volition proceed to beryllium evaluated regular to find whether to vie successful the finals for level workout and equilibrium beam.

— USA Gymnastics (@USAGym) July 31, 2021

Simone Biles' intelligence health

The six-time Olympic medalist near connected Tuesday to absorption connected mental health aft her performance connected the vault, wherever immoderate commentators suggested she got "the twisties."

With Biles out, the remaining U.S. gymnasts — Suni Lee, Jordan Chiles and Grace McCallum — stepped up to take silver successful the squad final.

In a series of Instagram Stories Friday, Biles explained she has antecedently experienced "the twisties," which usually instrumentality astir 2 weeks for her to get over.

Biles emphasized her "mind and body" are retired of sync — a "petrifying" experience.

Tokyo Olympics

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“I don’t deliberation you recognize however unsafe this is connected hard/competition surface,” Biles said. “Nor bash I person to explicate wherefore I enactment wellness archetypal … Physical wellness is intelligence health.”

Biles successful 2016 Rio Olympics

In 2016, Biles won golden successful some the vault and level exercise, on with a bronze medal successful the equilibrium beam (she did not suffice for the uneven bars).

Who volition vie alternatively of Simone Biles for Team USA?

Without Biles successful Tokyo's lawsuit finals, the pursuing athletes volition instrumentality her place:

  • Vault: MyKayla Skinner, an American who was competing arsenic an individual, volition get Biles' spot successful the vault final. She had the fourth-best people successful qualifying but was denied the accidental to beforehand to the eight-woman last due to the fact that lone 2 athletes from immoderate state are allowed successful the final, and Biles and Jade Carey some finished up of her.
  • Uneven bars: Melanie de Jesus Dos Santos of France volition regenerate Biles. Two Russians scored higher than she did but cannot beforehand due to the fact that 2 of their teammates qualified up of them.

Remaining women's gymnastics events successful Tokyo Olympics

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